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15 minutes ago 15 minutes, 6 seconds ago
Reed descriptión i dont have all colors colors: - liquid camo sb, Saffron, cobalt, grey, lime, orange and fg - mandala infinite Crimson, fg, Saffron, sb, orange, pink and Burt siena - toon flame black, tw, Saffron, orange, lime and cobalt - floppy fish Saffron, black, tw, sb, purple and Burt siena - holosphere set minus Crimson, Burt siena, cobalt, fg and grey - kabloey Crimson, cobalt, purple, tw, black and lime - luster edge Saffron, orange and fg - morrowhatch set minus cobalt and purple - helicoprion set - hámster holographic Crimson, purple, grey and orange look my other trades (ᵔᴥᵔ) ID psn luquitas393
2 hours ago 2 hours, 8 minutes, 55 seconds ago
filiformer - green/cobalt/grey/lime/green/purple/tw compound c - all dune-sweeper - all liquid camo - blue/cobalt/red/grey/orange/saffron tigress - all (green(2)) esoto 4r - black/cobalt/green/grey/lime/pink esoto 4r inv - cobalt/grey/black/pink/bs/lime/purple/saffron/tw dyr-2 - red/black/cobalt/orange/pink/saffron/blue/tw cyberware - all(blue(2)) ault-spl - grey/black/bs/cobalt/green/lime/purple/blue 3-lobe inf - black/bs/red/grey/lime/orange/purple/blue
6 hours ago 6 hours, 17 minutes, 43 seconds ago
Epic Games Aztezca
Add me on EPIC (no Paystation, no Xbox) name: AZTEZCA Credis are preferred but ITEM OFFERS are accepted under the following CONDITIONS: 1. No items valued smaller 100 -- 2. It needs to be profit for me 3. One high value item is preferred, the more little items are offered, the higher the overpay has to be (condition 1 still has to be met) 4. If you are not able to pay the full amount of Credits, you need to add an item (refer to conditions 1-3). "PAINTED SET" means that SINGLE colors are available for the listed price, some colors differ from that offer (white). Thank you for saving both our time, happy trading!
9 hours ago 9 hours, 12 minutes, 19 seconds ago
Epic Games catchtherainbow
Colours : Ault - tw, grey, bs, cobalt, crimson, fg, orange, purple, saffron Android - lime, saffron Blssm - orange, pink, bs, black, grey, lime, sb, tw Auger - crimson, saffron, black Eq-rl - fg, black, grey, pink, bs, cobalt, crimson, orange, saffron, sb, tw Filiformer - cobalt, grey, lime, saffron, sb, tw Liquid - cobalt, grey, lime, saffron, sb Spatio - black, cobalt, lime, pink, sb

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