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Read this description carefully lest you are ignored, my dear. These are items for people seeking to complete a set, ergo why this stock looks so overpriced. Offers are welcome, but I only take serious ones. I'm open to dialogue. Now I shall proceed to explain the advertisement in detail. ~ Minimum amount of credits to be elegible to trade with me is 950 as this is the minimum you shall be spending on credits, products or both. ~ RL Insider's market price of objects does not matter here, only most common price shown in the current markets shall be taken into consideration as well as price that collectors have been seen to be willing to pay. ~ The initial offer is up to you, that up there is just a crude representation of accepted currency. ~ You may only trade for one product at a time. Disclaimer: Other people have already given up very valuable objects to complete their sets, ergo do not say anything asked for is too expensive nor call you this offer a scam. Messenge me here first, everyone worthy shall be responded. If you fear being scammed, make sure you have read everything properly and that you screenshot any evidence to prepare a report in case one is needed, but you shall be given all transparency and guarantees before, during and after the trade upon request. No refunds. Make sure you read the advertisement correctly before proceeding. This advertisement shall be edited as products are sold or added, so if you see any object you like you still may purchase! And you should check regularly, I'm almost always seeking more. ~ Details. Section: Wheels {4/5}. Trade rank: B. Languages: Spanish and English, may use translator for any other. ~ Abraham S. Belmont V. {💙}

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