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5 hours ago 4 hours, 52 minutes, 53 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-7777-1918-3088
I DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THESE ITEMS! I JUST HAVE A BUNCH OF THEM. Give me an offer for a color, and I will say yes or no. If no, either I don’t like your offer, someone else is offering better, or I don’t have that item.
23 hours ago 22 hours, 43 minutes, 57 seconds ago
Prices for stack with following colors (no full sets!) ⚠️ Tigress: 2x black, 2x cobalt, crimson, lime, purple, sky blue ⚠️ Shortwire: Striker TW, TW, 2x sienna, crimson, forest green, lime, pink, purple ⚠️ Spatiotemporal: Playmaker TW, 3x orange, lime, Striker grey, Striker sienna, sienna, sky blue, crimson, saffron, purple ⚠️ Chikara GXT: pink, sienna, cobalt, orange ⚠️ Guardian GXT: sienna, saffron, sky blue, white ⚠️ Harbinger GXT: grey, forest green ⚠️ Mudcat GXT: 2x sienna, cobalt, forest green, lime, orange, pink, saffron ⚠️ Hamster Holographic: 2x sky blue, black, forest green, lime, saffron