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4 minutes ago 3 minutes, 39 seconds ago
Epic Games 105kg_radosti
[PC] My epic 105kg_radosti Selling Full painted set (13 colours) Celestial II (Wheels) for 900cr Selling Full painted set (13 colours) Dust Cloud (Goal) for 1300cr Selling Full painted set (12 colours) Harbinger GXT (Cars) for 250cr Selling Full painted set (12 colours) R3MX GXT (Cars) for 350cr Selling Full painted set (12 colours) Riser (Goal) for 350cr Selling Full painted set (12 colours) Light Show (Goal) for 250cr Selling Full painted set (13 colours) Overgrowth (Goal) for 1150cr Selling Full painted set (13 colours) HRT Beat (Boost) for 250cr Selling Full painted set (12 colours) TRI-2050 (Wheels) for 750cr Selling Full painted set (13 colours) Holodata (Trail) for 400cr
29 minutes ago 29 minutes, 23 seconds ago
Epic Games Aztezca
Add me on epic and invite me to group for trading name: Aztezca If u don't see me online after some time, restart your game (to invite me to group), it can take some minutes for me to respond cause I'm probably in a trade at the moment. Yes, i take item offers but there are some offer rules: 1. Credits are valued higher than items 2. One high value item is valued higher than many little items. 3. I don't have space/time to sell for items valued smaller 100 4. (a logical consequence follow by rules 1-3) The more little items you offer the higher the overpay has to be 5. It needs to be worth it for me (profit for me), so ask yourself if you were the seller would you agree to that offer? "painted set" does not mean you get the whole set for the listed price. it means i have some colors of that item and either the mid or lower color price is listed. "painted set" serves as a space/time solution here.
4 hours ago 3 hours, 54 minutes, 24 seconds ago
Riser - complete set, Orange cert Acrobat Mandal Infinite - Complete set Crimson cert Playmaker, Pink Cert Aviator Meta Blast - complete set no cert - Tri 2050 complete set Cert Pink Showoff Holosphere - Complete set , Orange cert Guardian, Saffron Cert Juggler, Grey cert Sweeper or Show off TW Cert Turtle or Paragon, Floppy Fish Goal Explosion - Complete set , Crimson cert Paragon, Sky Blue Guardian, EQ-RL decals - complete set , Pink Cert Scorer, Cobalt Guardian, Crimson Acrobat, Saffron Goalkeeper, DYR ll wheels - complete set Saffron cert Turtle or scorer Dimonix wheels - complete set , Lime cert Victor, Orange Tactician, Burnt sienna Paragon, Pink Guardian Chikara car - complete set includes Titanium White Striker NOT SHOWN BUT ALSO HAVE - Dune Sweeper decals - complete set , Pink cert Turtle message me here or on xbox with offers. GumpyOldCoot
8 hours ago 7 hours, 41 minutes, 48 seconds ago
Epic Games lucasarpele inst
THE WHOLE SET FOR CREDITS.. If you wanna buy a certain one seperate then pay mid price shown on RLinsider. But the whole set is getting sold less then min alltogether. so if you accept, then message or add Pryoxidic on epic. Not the one on the profile that’s not me

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