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message on RL Garage!PRICES WILL DROP/RISE IF THE PRICE DROPS/RISES ON RL INSIDER These are the prices below: NO BLUEPRINTS Atomizer=200 Gravity bomb=960 Poly Pop=200 Solar Flare=150 Shattered=400 Sub-Zero=600 Dueling Dragons=4000 Meteor Storm=500 Fireworks=150 Singularity=150 l PAINTED BLACK MARKETS=100-300 UNDER THE MIN PRICE DEPENDING ON WHICH ONE I ALSO DO THESE TRADES: I BUY THESE ITEMS FOR THE LISTED CREDITS 3 Non Crate Rares=10 credits Each non crate import=25 credits Each Non Crate Exotic=150 credits IF PRICES DROP FAST, MY PRICES MAY GO UP TO 250 CREDITS UNDER THE MIN PRICE

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