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13 hours ago 12 hours, 49 minutes, 8 seconds ago
Epic Games Pryoxidic
*NOTE* This Offer is for the WHOLE SET (Every single color) If you are missing 1 or 2 colors, I can make an exception. But if you are missing like 6 out of the 12 or something, then we can do a 24 window trade. Basically I ask for those 6 colors, and ask for a couple more items from a certain rocket pass that you might have and we can discuss once it hits 24 items which is the whole trade window and I can offer a certain amount. It depends on the items. (Like holographic, inverted, or just nicer items I will offer more but it’s usually 100 creds for 24 items) I offer more for the whole set (just cause it’s more convenient having 1 of every color) but for multiple half sets I do 100 credits for 24 items of my choice. OR 10 credits for 24 random wack limiteds. Sorry for the long read it’s just I need people to understand 😅😅
13 hours ago 12 hours, 49 minutes, 15 seconds ago
Epic Games Pryoxidic
I can also take items. For example, if you want the Guardian GXT Set, since i am wanting 800cr for it, if you have 800 credits worth of items i may take it. OP accepted too. Also, this is for the WHOLE SET. if you are wanting like individual colors, you can ask me and i will give the best price possible :)

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