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3 hours ago 2 hours, 39 minutes, 2 seconds ago
Epic Games Headhunter-Kev96
Don't have complete sets, but most of them ⚠️ Prices per item ⚠️ crimson, black & white prices are higher ⚠️ Reticle: white, purple, orange, lime, forest green, crimson, cobalt ⚠️ Shima: white, sky blue, saffron, lime, forest green, crimson, black ⚠️ Shima Infinite: purple, grey, cobalt, sienna, orange ⚠️ Sk8ter: white, purple, pink, grey, crimson, cobalt, sienna, lime ⚠️ Startis: white, saffron, purple, pink, orange, lime, grey, sienna, crimson ⚠️ Dune-Sweeper: saffron, pink, orange, lime, forest green, crimon, cobalt ⚠️ Shining Barrage II: crimson, cobalt, lime, purple, sky blue, grey, white ⚠️ Tri-2050: pink, sienna, crimson, forest green, white
11 hours ago 11 hours, 22 minutes, 27 seconds ago
Epic Games David_M.R_22
* PLS READ INFO !!! ;) - Object color BLACK --> 40c - Object color WHITE --> 60c - Object color infinite/inverted/holographic BLACK --> 80c - Object color infinite/inverted/holographic WHITE --> 100c I am open to negotiations, but only credits.
2 days ago 2 days, 1 hour, 48 minutes, 52 seconds ago
EQ-RL full painted set for 200 credits. If you want only 1 color, then price for each is 30 credits. Titanium white for 40. Cyberware full painted set for 200 (here only 10 colors). Cobalt and pink with striker for 50 credits. DYR II full painted set for 200 credits. Titanium white for 50. Helicoprion full painted set for 300 credits. Each one for 30, sky blue for 80, TW and black for 50, crimson for 50. Polyergic full painted set for 150 credits. If only 1, then each for 20 credits. Q-Runner full painted set for 200 credits. Each one for 20, TW and black for 50. Shima full painted set for 200 credits. Each one for 20, TW and black for 60. Shortwire full painted set for 200 credits. Each one for 20, TW and black for 50. Before adding on EG DM me here, please! My friendcode in Steam: 177934995. Epic Games ID: Airbruh.

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