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2 minutes ago 1 minute, 48 seconds ago
Epic Games Vandalinh0
Pay attention to quantities ........... trade up items only (including GOLDEN SERIES items) -- buying inventory for cheap but fast cr - big quicksell only, do not expect rl insider min price ! i buy almost everything UNDER MIN VALUE (prices vary, takes time to sell, VS credits right now) Any painted uncommon / certified uncomon 10cr - 24 any item you wanna trash = 20 cr (limited have to be unpainted , bp, crate items...) - no painted rocket pass items or few only ...
7 minutes ago 6 minutes, 32 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-3605-7512-1131
Bro if you have old limiteds lmk i will pay more 24 normal limiteds for 10 cr ONLY THAT
14 minutes ago 13 minutes, 43 seconds ago
PlayStation Kxritoo
1 NCE:150cr each 24 NCE:3600 48 NCE:720 add me on PSN or send me message here
Patreon Donator Mr_Fox
16 minutes ago 15 minutes, 55 seconds ago
ABOUT NCR'S - 5:1, any amount. ABOUT NCVR'S - 15:1, any amount. 10:1 for golden series ones (any amount). ABOUT NCI'S - 20:1, any amount. 20:1 for golden series ones (any amount). ABOUT NCE'S - 70:1 for NC series if you have less than 10; 80:1 if you have 10 or more. 90:1 for golden series ones (any amount). ABOUT CRATED PAINTED VERY RARES - 10:1, any amount. ABOUT CRATED PAINTED EXOTICS - 30:1, any amount. Msg me there or add me: Steam friendcode: 359641557 Epic ID: TeenyQuokka773 Welcome!
24 minutes ago 24 minutes, 9 seconds ago
Epic Games otayr
24 PINK limited painted = 20c --------- ---------- 24 pink blueprints = 20c ------------ PINK Ncvr 20 each ---------- PAINTED Uncommons = 10 each ----------- PINK PAINTED rares = 20c each ------------- PINK PAINTED very rares = 30c each ----------- PINK PAINTED Imports = 40c each ------------------- PINK PAINTED Exotics = 100c each ------------ If its not pink, youre being blocked and reported for incompetency.
37 minutes ago 36 minutes, 34 seconds ago
PlayStation Mr_harshaan
I want ANY 8 exotic things even if there terrible. My Epic/PS4 name is: Mr_harshaan

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