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1 minute ago 1 minute, 28 seconds ago
for regular bp 1 item or 10 cr for sertivied bp 1 item or 15 cr for painted bp 1 item 15 cr for painted and sertivied 2 items or 20 cr for tw or crimson bp 2 items or 25 cr for striker bp 2 items or 25 cr for tw or crimson strikers 3 items or 50 cr
33 minutes ago 33 minutes, 28 seconds ago
PlayStation Ark_Belmont_V
I offer several limited items that I do not need. If you give me some Credits or a reasonably good item for each I would greatly appreciate the patronage. Titanium White and Black stock shall not be sold cheap. Most low bids shall not be accepted, please offer reasonably. ~------------------------------------------------------------------~ The number indicates the amount of units left in stock, here are the colours: ~ Pixel Pointer: White, Crimson, Cobalt, Grey, Purple, Pink and Sienna. ~ Polyergic Inverted: Crimson and Cobalt. ~ Monsoon: {Juggler} Lime, Saffron, Crimson, Purple and Green. ~ Pylon: Cyan, Grey, Lime, Purple, Pink & Sienna. ~ Light Show: {Show-off} Pink and Cyan. ~ Traction: Hatch: Saffron, Lime, Cobalt, Crimson, Grey and Black. ~ Riser: {Victor} Sienna, Cobalt and Orange. ~ Star Princess: White, Crimson, Grey Purple, Orange, Pink and Sienna. ~ Diecast Spark: Saffron, Cyan, Black, Cobalt and Green. ~------------------------------------------------------------------~ Online means fast replies! High availability, polite and reasonable, but I hardly ever accept low offers. 🧐 Check the profile for more trades, this is not the only order I have submitted. Offers suitable for the rich and poor alike. 🤝 Do not send friend requests without confirmation, you shall not be added. 💔 Scamming shall be screenshot and reported to RL Garage and Psyonix. 🚫 Preferably English and Spanish, may use translator for anything else if really needed. 🔄 To mention the trade you are interested in, what exactly you are offering {name, colour, certification of the item you offer} and what you have got available that could interest me could make matters faster, ergo care to elaborate on what you want and what you offer instead of sending one-liners with no context. ⚠️ ~------------------------------------------------------------------~ ~ Abraham S. Belmont V. ﴾🤍﴿
ultimate Ultimate Thats_Amore
56 minutes ago 56 minutes, 2 seconds ago
ABOUT NCR'S - 10:3, any amount. ABOUT NCVR'S - 10:1, any amount. 10:1 for golden series ones (any amount). ABOUT NCI'S - 15:1, any amount. 20:1 for golden series ones (any amount). ABOUT NCE'S - 60:1 for NC series if you have less than 10; 70:1 if you have 10 or more. 70:1 for golden series ones (any amount). ABOUT CRATED PAINTED VERY RARES - 10:1, any amount. ABOUT CRATED PAINTED EXOTICS - 30:1, any amount. Msg me here or add me: Steam friendcode: 359641557 Epic ID: Amore773 Welcome!
1 hour ago 1 hour, 16 minutes, 24 seconds ago
consider me the garbage man. I will buy any of your trash items that you want out of your inventory. I buy pages of trash items for 10 creds. if you need to clean up your inventory and want a little creds for it hmu. can repeat thousands of times

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