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7 minutes ago 7 minutes, 16 seconds ago
if you have hellfire or reaper or dueling dragons look at my trades and choose what you want ( by the way if you have hellfire look at my trades and choose items = 300 cr and if you have reaper choose items = 900 cr , if you have dueling dragons look at my trades and choose items = 2400 cr ( by the way I don't have cr )
12 minutes ago 11 minutes, 30 seconds ago
Epic Games vxscol
20 CR FOR 24 BLUEPRINTS ➖➖ ✅ 30:1, 60:2, 90:3, 160:5, 320:10... ✅ ➖ 💸 IF YOU HAVE 5 OR MORE I'LL PAY YOU 32 EACH 💸 ➖ ⛔ (ITENS THAT CAN BE TRADED IN) ⛔ ➖ ⚠️ PC ONLY ⚠️ ➖➖ 📌 ADD ME → 📌 EPIC ID: Vxscol ------------- 100 CR PER EXOTIC -------------------------- 10 CR ABOVE MIN ------- 30 CR PER FOR CREDS GIVE OP OFFER ---
19 minutes ago 18 minutes, 54 seconds ago
**PLEASE READ BEFORE MESSAGING ME** Honestly if you have any trash items in your inventory give them to me they can be whatever you dont want like useless limited or pointless uncommon rares just hmu and let me know how many items your trashing think of me as your personal trash can for your items you no longer want or need non crate or crate as well doesn't matter just hmu !! HMU PEOPLE"S!!! **Also rocket league pass items if you dont want them GIMMEEEEE**

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