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⚠️ We have confirmed with Psyonix that the exploit has been patched on PC. We are all very happy to see that this was patched so quickly after it was discovered (yesterday). Thank you to everyone involved, both from community and company.
If you, or someone you know was scammed using this exploit, it's recommended you send in a support ticket to Psyonix on http://support.rocketleague.com

Rocket League Trading

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1 minute ago 1 minute, 29 seconds ago
Epic Games Am217k
⚠️READ THIS!⚠️ YAMANE and NIPPER only NON CERT / UNCOMMON OFFER: 2 painted non certified for 10cr. I don't buy multiple of the same object. ⚠️ADD ME ON EPIC: Am217k⚠️
26 minutes ago 25 minutes, 46 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-2969-2174-9102
⚠️READ BEFORE DM THX⚠️ Hi im a nice trader looking for QUICKSELLS/ITEM OVERPAYS. 1. You can message me and tell me the item(s) u want me to buy. 2. As soon as im online i will make u an Credit offer. (The offer will always be under the Minimum value of your item since im trying to make Profit...) 3. You have the Choice accept my offer to get ur quick and ez Credits or Keep ur item(s). Plz dont do One of these: - Saying me that you are looking for min-max value for ur item - Telling me that min is Way higher than my offer. (I know that. its the base of quickselling to lowball) - Offending me because im stupid scince i dont know the prices. (I do but as i said im looking to make Profit so i lowball.) - Start negiotating on my offer. (Just Let it be and just dont accept if my offer is bad for u) I will buy any Kind of item that is worth more than 200 and sells good(-ish). No Limiteds plz. Pass and RLCS Stuff is difficult to sell. Have a Good one everybody :D
2 hours ago 1 hour, 40 minutes, 30 seconds ago
Epic Games otayr
24 limited unpainted = 10c --------- 24 limited painted = 20c ----------- 24 blueprints = 10c NO BM ------------ Ncvr 10 each and NCI 20 each ---------- PAINTED Uncommons = 20 each ----------- PINK PAINTED rares = 20c each ------------- PINK PAINTED very rares = 30c each ----------- PINK PAINTED Imports = 40c each ------------------- PINK PAINTED Exotics = 100c each
2 hours ago 1 hour, 47 minutes, 51 seconds ago
Epic Games Fnordyy
[BUYING] 1:1 CAN BE FROM ANY SEASON. Pay attention to amount needed (24). For example, limited must be painted and 24 painted limited = 20 cr TOTAL. Uncommons can be painted or unpainted. Blueprints can be any quality EXCEPT black markets. 12 painted limited = 10 cr ||| 24 blueprints = 10 cr || 4 uncommons = 10 cr. DM for faster response. Add on epic: Fnordyy
3 hours ago 2 hours, 33 minutes, 7 seconds ago
Epic Games Yemish777
Looking for colored toppers ||| 10cr per topper ||| 300 for sets of 24 ||| Add me: Yemish777
4 hours ago 4 hours, 28 minutes, 51 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-4699-9323-0304
I need a person in dimand right now I’m in plat 2 pls help me to get to dimand

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