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2 minutes ago 1 minute, 56 seconds ago
I will buy any other exotics but they must be NON CRATE. ⬇️ FIRM PRICES - any other offers = ignored ⬇️ how to check if an item is non crate ⬇️ 1. go onto Garage > Manage Inventory. 2. find the item 3. On the menu where it says the name of the item, rarity etc. it should say “TRADE IN” or “CANNOT BE TRADED IN”. 4. If the item says “TRADE IN” then it is NON CRATE (the type I want) I AM NOT BUYING BLUEPRINTS I DO NOT WANT CRATED ITEMS
7 minutes ago 7 minutes, 23 seconds ago
I ONLY BUY NON CRATE✅NCVR 20CR / NCI 30CR / NCE 120CR (Non crates are itens from drops/trade up). ✅you dont need to text me. Just add me, and inv me on psn. zTheR4fa✅ Hi, I hope you have a great day! You dont need to text me. Just add and inv me, and I buy yours non crate, I buy all non crates that you have. 🙃 DONT INV ME IF YOU DONT ACCEPT THE PRICE🛑🛑 ❓how to know if your item is a non-crate❓ ❗Go to the item description, and see if it is from crate, or series/colletion. if there is no information about it. It is a non crate❗ My psn: zTheR4fa ✅

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