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1 hour ago 1 hour, 1 minute, 56 seconds ago
Epic Games Aztezca
Add me on EPIC (no Paystation, no Xbox) name: AZTEZCA Credis are preferred but ITEM OFFERS are accepted under the following CONDITIONS: 1. No items valued smaller 100 -- 2. It needs to be profit for me 3. One high value item is preferred, the more little items are offered, the higher the overpay has to be (condition 1 still has to be met) 4. If you are not able to pay the full amount of Credits, you need to add an item (refer to conditions 1-3). "PAINTED SET" means that SINGLE colors are available for the listed price, some colors differ from that offer (white). Thank you for saving both our time, happy trading!
14 hours ago 13 hours, 40 minutes, 30 seconds ago
Epic Games Pryoxidic
*NOTE* This Offer is for the WHOLE SET. If you have only like 1 or 2 Colors then Don't message me. If you have like 6-7 colors then I may take it but the price will be a lot lower (it depends if you have the white/black then price won’t be affected that much but if you don’t it will be affected a lot). I also take other Old Rocket pass items so if you have an inventory full and wanna get rid of them then I can offer for them
19 hours ago 18 hours, 59 minutes, 21 seconds ago
Epic Games lucasarpele inst
*READ DESCRIPTION* I only want old rocket pass limiteds. I am offering 100 for 24 old limiteds from the legacy rocket pass (1-6). There are some I want and some I don’t want. If you have atleast these ones I listed in the post then that’s what I’d take we can discuss what ever other items. My epic is Pryoxidic so if you wanna add me either add Pryoxidic or message me because the one on the profile isn’t my epic
7 days ago 1 week, 4 hours, 56 minutes, 52 seconds ago
cobalt, orange, sky blue, crimson, gray, lime, black, forest green, purple, saffron I only have these colors swap plss

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