Rocket League Trading


on the left the amount i have left on the right the price for 1 (if no number specified means LAST ONE) - @ - i'm not here to haggle, I sell my items at my price, if you agree add me on steam, otherwise contact someone else (beware of scammers) - - # # - - if you'll waste my time with absurd requests* or downward offers, I'll block you and: "to nevermore". - - # # - - BE VERY CAREFUL: "I am VERY annoyed by the clodhopper who are on rocket league" so look at how you talk to me because i am not your friend nor your relative, if you are interested in my items just tell me what you want and what you have and that's all. - - # # - -- - # # - - *i am not a model or a shop assistan and i will not wear items for you! go on youtube and look what do they look like BEFORE to add me.


4 days ago
glad I'm not your friend lmao, mega yikes
1 month ago
1 month ago
youre charging even more than psyonix. nice one. youre no better than them.

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