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EU Power Rankings6/14/16 - 6/21/16

eu Power Rankings {6/14/16 - 6/21/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

Flipsid3 Tactics

Roster: Markydooda, Kuxir97, M1k3rules, mye_bipod_4shor

Flipsid3 play literally no games this past week as Rocket Royale has taken a break due to RLCS, and Flipsid3 are already qualified for the next group stage due to their great success in the previous stage, winning the entire thing, earning automatic qualification. This meant they did not have to play in the open qualifier that took place last Sunday. They also chose not to play in either Gfinity, and so their position in 1st is due entirely to their previous week’s performances which I must say are becoming less and less relevant. If not for the fact WDG also didn’t play any games, I’d imagine F3 would drop down the rankings, which I can certainly see happening next week if WDG play any games at all. Other than this, there’s not much else to say about F3 at the moment. We eagerly await the next group stage in which they’ll feature, looking to repeat their success from the first stage of competition.


We Dem Girlz

Roster: Remkoe, gReazy, Maestro

Although WDG did not play any competition with their full line-up this week, they do in fact move up a place in the rankings into 2nd. This is primarily down to Mock-it’s drop in performance, losing out to C&J in Gfinity. The 3 teams at the top are so close that a result like that for Mock-it is enough to drop them below WDG. Despite not playing any official games as a full line-up, various iterations of their roster did play in both Gfinitys with subs in each case. The pick-up teams that contained WDG players won in both cases, so if anything it’s at least slightly positive, although no real impact on the WDG ranking. Much like Flipsid3, this team has an automatic qualification for the next group stage and so didn’t have to play in the open qualifier this past Sunday. WDG will be looking to better their 2nd place of the last stage, by surpassing Flipsid3 this time round. Although not entirely necessary, as a top 4 is enough for LAN qualification, a higher placing will affect their seeding for the LAN itself, and so they’ll want to make sure they give themselves the best possible draw for the LAN by securing as many points as they can.


Mock-it eSports EU

Roster: Paschy90, Turbopolsa, Sikii

very surprising, especially considering Crown & Jewels ended up losing 3-0 to Gentlemen later in the tournament. Other than GFinity, they also participated in that event all the cool kids go to: RLCS. As expected, nothing crazy happened with Mock-It during the open qualifiers. where they 2-0ed every team they face. With no Rocket Royale this week, that about wraps it up for the number of tournaments Mock-It played in, and with no noteworthy wins and a loss to a team that was ranked #8, this ended up putting Mock-It down to 3rd. The top 3 teams are so closely ranked that you could really put them in any order, which is why any sort of result will put one above or below the other. So, with the EU top 64 bracket for RLCS being played this Sunday, how will Mock-It fare? Well, since adding Turbo to the squad they have only strengthened their already powerful roster. Every team has a bad day and it seemed like that happened with Mock-It last Friday, so I don't expect Mock-It to have too much trouble this Sunday. The toughest opponents they'll be facing will be JJJ squad and then C&J if they get past them. Mock-It will certainly be trying to make sure that C&J don't beat them again, but this is Rocket League after all, so who knows what will happen.


Supersonic Avengers

Roster: ELMP, Snaski, Doomsee, Kasabi

Another week of minimal activity from Supersonic Avengers but this week kicked off what hopes to be their RLCS run. While they were having fun playing with their toy battle-cars some other teams were participating in GFinity and preparing to stop Supersonic Avengers chance at qualifying for RLCS LAN. In RLCS Top 64, Supersonic Avengers has a bit of a challenge to qualify for group stage. They need to get past Complex (former C & J Blaze) and most likely face KA-POW to qualify for group stage. Not an easy task but SA have extra motivation for qualifying for group stage after missing out in Qualifier 1.



Roster: al0t, Sniperkid138, ViolentPanda

Kapow did not enter any tournaments this week, but their main focus will be qualifying for the groups of Q2. Kapow should breeze past their first two games with relative ease. However their biggest test will come in the qualification games vs SA. This is such as massive game as Kapow will not want to drop into the losers bracket, and SA will know this is a great chance to try knock out a rival for that 4th and final spot to go to LAN. If Kapow lose this game to SA, their chances of qualifying hang in the balance, as they will be facing hard games from there on in.


The Flying Dutchmen

Roster: Dogu, Jessiepinkmaan, PauliepauINL, Vogan

TFD did not enter any tournaments this week, so instead I’ll focus on their RLCS bracket. Firstly, as expected they won all their games in their group 2-0 in series to qualify comfortably to the last 64. TFD should win their first game against Nativ Vype, but then they have Team Complain who are an unknown quantity. Team Complain is a team made up of Yemen, X3 and Ring. Assuming the chemistry on this team is there (Which it should with Yemen and X3 being teammates at old SK and Ring being a very solid player) this will pose a very tough test for TFD, as Team Complain would probably a top 10 team if they played in other tours. If TFD manage to negotiate Team Complain, they will likely have the winner of Bootz and Cats or eff0rt. This in theory should be an easier game than the one against Complain, but with eff0rt being one of the somewhat surprise packages of Q1, they will look to repeat the feat in Q2.


Precision Z

Roster: Tequilaz, Mikageishi, Dadooh

Precizion Z had a rather splendid week, which contrasts to their fairly poor perfomrance in previous weeks. On Tuesday's GFinity they beat Team Celerity 3-1 and Crown & Jewels 3-1, but lost 4-0 to No in the finals. On Friday they got to the semi-finals where they lost 3-0 to remkoe 1v3, after beating Cow Nose 3-2 and Team Solid 3-1. Consistently beating teams ranked just below you is great for solidifying your rank. For RLCS they cleared their way through the opening bracket, 2-0ing every team, which leaves them in the EU top 64, where the possible teams they face are Comrade Gaming, Team Celerity, and Team Solid. They've already shown they can beat Team Celerity and Team Solid, and with Comrade being ranked below both of them, we could certainly see Precision Z enter the group stages for a second time, but RLCS is when the pressure gets real and the determination gets strong, and some teams handle it better than others.


Crown & Jewels

Roster: Sebadam, Taurex, Flarke, solid99npnp

Crown and Jewels had a mixed week. In the Tuesday Gfinity they made it all the way to the semi final beating //OMG 3-2 and Rare Penguins 3-1 in the process. However they lost in the semis 3-1 against PZ. With PZ being directly below them, this loss would normally drop C&J below them. The main reason I myself actually moved C&J up a spot instead of down is the fact in Friday’s Gfinity they managed to beat Mockit-EU 3-1. This is a very impressive win that I thought deserved enough credit to move C&J up, as Mockit were 2nd in the Power Rankings at the time this game took place. The RLCS went as expect for C&J as they won their group taking ever series 2-0, and therefore making the last 64. C&J will be looking at their bracket thinking they may be able to qualifier without dropping into the losers. They should beat iDomica eSports in their first game, but this is when things start to get trickier. If everything goes to plan, their next game should be against JJJ squad. This game will be highly used to rate these teams for the Power Rankings next week, and the winner of this should go onto face Mockit-EU. After their win in Gfinity this Friday, C&J may fancy their chances in that game, if they get that far.


JJJ Squad

Roster: Krazack, JHZER, Ryuk

One of three teams this week to claim the number 7 spot is JJJ Squad. The only significant result they had this week was in Friday’s GFinity where they made it all the way to Quarter finals and wound up losing to a super team of remkoe, scrub, and maestro. For JJJ Squad’s RLCS group stage hopes they have some tough competition to qualify against. They could wind up facing Crown & Jewels Frost and Mock-it eSports en route to potentially qualifying for group stage.



Roster: Yeezy, Masterio, Reepex

The former Crown and Jewels Blaze team now changes name after being dropped by the organisation due to the RLCS ruling only allowing one team per organisation. From now on this team will be known as Complex. They move up one place from 11th to 10th after SnK drop down below them. The only games Complex played this week were their preliminary RLCS qualification games against completely amateur opposition, and so it’s very much a case of SnK losing the spot due to their poor form as opposed to Complex earning it. Since there have been very few games recently, it’s worth mentioning their future RLCS bracket for the conclusion of the open qualifier this coming Sunday. They have arguably the toughest route through to the group stage, with SA and Kapow to beat in the winner’s bracket. If they lose to SA they’ll likely be put up against the likes of JJJ Squad and Precision Z, whereas if they beat SA but lose to Kapow they’ll have to face the likes of C&J Frost and Eff0rt. Bear in mind these are just predictions and any unpredicted result will change the outcome of who Complex will have to play in the loser’s bracket. However, it is fair to say Complex are up against it if they want to qualify for the group stage. A side point that’s worth talking about also is the loss of Khaelan from the line-up. He was probably the 2nd best player behind Yeezy, and so his loss could well have an impact on the team going forward. I definitely think they’re weaker without him.


Top 10

Pos. Team Wrong_Way_Woody Doomsee Lunation MrLittleThor Average
1. Avatar Flipsid3 Tactics 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar We Dem Girlz 2 2 2 3 2.25
3. Avatar Mock-it eSports EU 3 3 3 2 2.75
4. Avatar Supersonic Avengers 4 4 4 4 4.00
5. Avatar KA-POW 5 5 5 5 5.00
6. Avatar The Flying Dutchmen 6 6 6 6 6.00
7. Avatar Precision Z 9 8 8 7 8.00
8. Avatar Crown & Jewels 7 7 9 9 8.00
9. Avatar JJJ Squad 8 9 7 8 8.00
10. Avatar Complex 10 11 10 11 10.50



Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


SARPBC veteran and Pro player for Team Rocket


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Ardent observer of EU competitive scene. Guest columnist for this week.

Teams To Watch

  • Wrong_Way_Woody: Hyperion eSport
  • Doomsee: Comrade Gaming
  • Lunation: Team Celerity
  • MrLittleThor: K1ck eSports Club RL

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