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EU Power Rankings5/31/16 - 6/7/16

eu Power Rankings {5/31/16 - 6/7/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

Flipsid3 Tactics

Roster: Markydooda, Kuxir97, M1k3rules, mye_bipod_4shor

F3 had a week flicking their newly aquired money stacks left and right, buying tons of... and doing.... with... and the dwarf didn't get out alive. They didn't take part in any tournaments throughout the week, due to their dominant previous week they get to comfortably keep their number 1 spot, but this could change if they don't get many tournaments in.


Mock-it eSports EU

Roster: Paschy90, Turbopolsa, Sikii

Another team has fought for their right to dethrone We Dem Girlz from another spot on the rankings. Don't be fooled by the unanimous vote for Mock-it to take the spot over We Dem Girlz, they had a couple of results help leapfrog them. Starting in GFinity on Friday we saw Mock-it EU prove why they're definitely not messing around. They got through the whole bracket by beating 3 current Top 16 teams (Comrade, Miracle Workers, KAPOW) and didn't drop a single game to them en route to a tournament win. Same story went for PPL Premier division playoffs, they only dropped a total of 2 games (1 to Eff0rt and 1 to We Dem Girlz) when they seemingly had no issue winning. Over in Rocket Royale had a very similar story in Group and Knockout stage by going through without dropping a game to any team. They beat both C&J Squads along with JJJ Squad leading up to the finals where they would surely have tough competition. First round they swept aside NA team Kings of Urban on their way to face We Dem Girlz in what became a battle for the Second spot on the rankings. In their first matchup Mock-it EU managed to squeak out a 3-2 series win over WDG and in the second matchup Mock-it EU managed to repeat the previous results by taking a 4-3 series win over WDG to win Rocket Royale finals. With new boy Turbopolsa in the roster they've gotten quality results and are making the Top 3 of the rankings a 3-team race for first.


We Dem Girlz

Roster: Remkoe, gReazy, Maestro

The sad spiral into a pit of despair and slightly less than perfect performances, has dropped the former untouchables into a measly 3rd best in the entirety of Europe (World?). The only tournament they played with a full roster was Rocket Royale, in which they smashed everyone… except Mock it EU. Mock It took both the series, in the winners semi finals, and the real finals, by one game each time, giving some insanely tight and brilliant series to watch. We Dem Girlz did smash Kings of Urban 3-0 when they played, and so it looks as if it is Mock It looking amazing, over We Dem Girlz dropping in skill. We’ll see if We Dem Girlz can get back to the old power tops that they were before, and there is going to be some extreme competition for the number 1 spot in the next few weeks.


Supersonic Avengers

Roster: ELMP, Snaski, Doomsee, Kasabi

Another quiet week behind Supersonic Avengers. They only participated in ESL but had a pretty good run of results against some fringe teams. They beat Cow Nose and SnK en route to the ESL tournament win. Doomsee is going to be out for this upcoming week of Tournaments so we're unsure how that might affect next week's rankings and results. He will be back in time for their revenge against RLCS qualifiers.



Roster: al0t, Sniperkid138

It was a bit of a mellow week for KA-POW. They only participated in one tournament last week, which was GFINITY. They did relatively well to be fair, but they did have one of the easiest brackets of all time. They got all the way to the semi-finals without facing a single recognisable team. In the semi-finals they beat SnK 3-0, but their dreams of winning GFINITY were destroyed by a newly resurged Mock-it eSports, who beat them 4-0. In case you were unaware, immediately after the RLCS Q1 Online Finals finished, KA-POW announced that Turbopulsa was leaving the team and would be joining Mock-It instead. In a quick trade-off, Miztik then joined KA-POW (rumor). It seems that Mock-It got the better deal here as they completely swept KA-POW in the GFINITY finals. The future of KA-POW is very unclear at the moment, since they lost arguably their best player. Who they'll pick as their new 3rd is anyone's guess, but there are some pretty big shoes to feel now that Turbo has left.


The Flying Dutchmen

Roster: Dogu, Jessiepinkmaan, PauliepauINL, Vogan

The only tournament for The Flying Dutchmen last week was Rocket Royale, and they did pretty much as expected. They faced Challengers in the first round, where they comfortably beat them 2-0. Next they faced Shazoo where they also won 2-0, but when it came to the EU knockout stage, they lost 3-1 to JJ squad, a team that was ranked 4 places below them. Nothing too crazy, but these set of results essentially keeps The Flying Dutchmen where they are. A pretty standard week all in all.


JJJ Squad

Roster: Krazack, JHZER, Ryuk

JJJ Squad climb very quickly to 7th in the rankings this week after some relatively consistent set of results. I still doubt the longevity of this team, but for now they’ve done enough to secure a fairly strong top 10 spot. Their results came primarily from Rocket Royale where they initially lost to C&J Blaze before coming back through the loser’s bracket to beat eSportsWall and C&J Blaze 2-1 each. Both of the Crown and Jewels teams are a bit of a mystery at the moment so it’s hard to gauge what these results mean in regards to JJJ. Heading into the knockouts of Rocket Royale, JJJ had their most notable result against The Flying Dutchmen where they defeated them 3-1. The 7-16th places in the Power Rankings are incredibly volatile at the moment, JJJ essentially looked the least worst out of a very mixed bag of results between the lower teams. JJJ did also play in Friday’s Gfinity but lost in the first round 0-3. Not really sure what happened here. They either didn’t actually play, or simply had a very poor performance to a random team. The latter doesn’t really surprise me as this team certainly has its flaws, especially in defence.


Crown & Jewels Frost

Roster: Sebadam, Taurex, Flarke

Nothing much to say for the boys of Frost, they only participated in Rocket Royale this week. Their Rocket Royale stint this week had some middling results with their first game being a 1-2 series loss to Shazoo but they followed up by beating Challengers 2-0 and getting revenge on Shazoo 2-1. In Knockout stage they faced up against Mock-it EU who had been playing really well leading into Royale and wound up getting swept. They jumped up a space with the announcement that Gentlemen has disbanded which left the #7 spot wide open and cause some teams to jump up the ranks a bit more than they would have otherwise.


Miracle Workers

Roster: stocki1997, killerno7, H3avy

This team is very new, and appear on the top 10 essentially straight away. Both Stocki and Killerno7 have come from Crown and Jewels and have brought along Heavy in what seems like a fairly solid team. I know that Stocki and Heavy play together very often and Killerno7 has history with Stocki, so it certainly makes sense to put together a team like this. In my view if this team was a couple of weeks older and had some solid previous results, I’d have this team in 7th as I feel they’re probably the most promising of the 7-16th place teams right now. The results they did have this week were still strong. In Rocket Royale they 2-0’d both Gentlemen and Precision Z, and then went on to defeat eff0rt 3-2 in the knockouts, before losing to WDG 0-3 in the following round. Beating three of the teams around them has certainly done a lot for them in their ranking this week. The only concern being whether they can actually challenge the top 6 teams. They lost to WDG very easily, and also lost to Mockit EU in Gfinity 0-3. They may well climb as high as 7th in the coming weeks, but to go any further there would need to be significant improvement in the team as they’ll need to start taking games off of the top teams. This team however will probably be one of the more consistent ones at the bottom of the rankings, as every other team appears extremely volatile in performance.


SnK eSports

Roster: Fanatiz, Killarnaud, Chausette, Fakyy

SnK make an appearance in the top 10 for the first time in a while, albeit sharing that 10th place spot with Crown and Jewels Blaze. There’s not been a significant line-up change to this team since we last saw them here, but with so many teams disbanding or having roster issues, this team has certainly taken advantage of that. They’re not the sort of team that’s going to surprise everyone by beating top teams but as a team they’ve played together for a while, so the synergy they have is helping them amongst a field of new adapting teams. For their results, they played in Gfinity where they took down eff0rt 3-1 but then lost to Kapow 0-3. Eff0rt seem to be in a freefall at the moment but it’s still a notable result nonetheless. In ESL SnK actually managed to win the competition this last week. Despite sounding impressive they didn’t exactly have the toughest of competition, with their only notable win against a proper known team coming against Precision Z. With so much instability amongst the lower ranked teams, it’s very difficult to rank teams right now, with previously strong teams mysteriously dropping off, so for now SnK are amongst the top 10, but I really can’t see this continuing for much longer if at least 1 or 2 of the teams get their act together. SnK just don’t have the quality to challenge these sorts of teams.


Crown & Jewels Blaze

Roster: Yeezy, xXKhaelanXx

So... this might bring up some arguments, and i'd just like to first say a) you suck, b) your opinion is pointless, c) you suck, and d) please voice your thoughts in the comments, we'll all try and give our own reasoning, and we respect any feedback given. e) You suck. Crown and Jewels Blaze enter the top 10 power rankings for the first time (barely), after having one okayish tournament in Rocket Royale, where they first beat JJJ Squad (no. 7 ) 2-1, which is impressive, but they then went on to lose 0-2 to the re-arisen bullies, Mock it EU (no. 2), and got knocked out of the tournament again by losing 1-2 to JJJ Squad. This is a very not bad result, and shows promise for the team, especially with how hot JJJ look, but it's not really a lot to go by. This is where we have to look further into how the other teams around them have been lately, and also, this is where the RL knowledge of the people on this committee, come into play. First we have to look at the teams around them, with the disappearance of Gentlemen, Challengers, and Mock it International, there is a lot of new space in the 8-15 area of the rankings. Now if a few of the teams above them, simply didn't play this week, then Blaze wouldn't be top 10, but as Precision Z, lost to unranked team Internal Tyranny in Gfinity, and Unrivalled in RR, they had another terrible week, and dropped down a fair bit. Eff0rt lost to Challengers, who weren't in top 15 and have broken up since, they had an ok RR, getting to the knockout, but only beat Team Solid to get there (who have not looked solid, and had a very poor week) and lost to Miracle Workers, who although were unranked, had a brilliant week. Now this really left a gap, and it felt few teams were really deserving of the bubble and break through spots. There is a reason the people on the RL Power Rankings need to have a lot of in-depth knowledge in not only the pro scene, but in Rocket League itself, and so are able to decide in these hard spots, using not only results, but knowledge of the skill level of individual players, and how these teams would fair against teams around them that they haven't played. So it's my opinion that Blaze would be able to beat every team ranked below them at this point in time, and although that wouldn't usually hold a massive amount of sway when deciding where to rank teams, in this situation it brought them into the top 10 for the first time. To summarise, Blaze did ok, others did awful, and they have a lot of potential and skill that the rankers see. As an actual team Blaze are between Masterio and Reeepex as their 3rd, with likely Masterio taking the starting position and Reepex subbing. Yeezy takes the role of a solid team captain and Khalaen takes the most underrated player in RL award, in my opinion, he's one of the better players in EU. So theres a lot of hope moving forward for Blaze.


Top 10

Pos. Team Doomsee Lunation MrLittleThor Alieuzz Average
1. Avatar Flipsid3 Tactics 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar Mock-it eSports EU 2 2 2 2 2.00
3. Avatar We Dem Girlz 3 3 3 3 3.00
4. Avatar Supersonic Avengers 4 4 4 4 4.00
5. Avatar KA-POW 5 5 5 5 5.00
6. Avatar The Flying Dutchmen 6 6 6 6 6.00
7. Avatar JJJ Squad 8 7 7 7 7.25
8. Avatar Crown & Jewels Frost 7 10 8 8 8.25
9. Avatar Miracle Workers 12 8 12 9 10.25
10. Avatar SnK eSports 9 13 10 10 10.50
11. Avatar Crown & Jewels Blaze 11 9 11 11 10.50



SARPBC veteran and Pro player for Team Rocket


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Ardent observer of EU competitive scene. Guest columnist for this week.


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member

Teams To Watch

  • Alieuzz: TBD
  • Doomsee: (unavailable due to vacation)
  • Lunation: Comrade Gaming
  • MrLittleThor: Team Celerity

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