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Power ranking

EU Power Rankings5/4/16 - 5/11/16

eu Power Rankings {5/4/16 - 5/11/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

We Dem Girlz

Roster: Remkoe, Greazy, Maestro

Maybe to the surprise of people, We Dem Girlz manages to hold their Top spot in the rankings this week. Even though the vote was unanimous for first place, the decision was close. The main talking point for We Dem Girlz results this past week was their loss to The Flying Dutchmen in the winner’s semi-finals in Top 128. That loss dropped We Dem Girlz to the loser’s quarter-final to qualify for Group stage. The notable results elsewhere for WDG in Top128 for RLCS were wins against Shazoo and Crown & Jewels. Outside of RLCS, We Dem Girlz didn’t have the success we’re so used to. In Rocket Royale group stage WDG topped their group by winning all of their sets (3-2 vs Hitmen, 4-1 vs Comrade and Eff0rt) which allowed them to prove their worth against Mock-it EU in knockouts. In a close 5 game series WDG fell to Mock-it EU and that spelled the end of their Royale run. Are We Dem Girlz mortal? Or was this just a bad week from them?


Mock-it eSports EU

Roster: Paschy90, Miztik, Sikii

Mock-it EU hang on to their number 2 spot this week, doing just enough to stay ahead of a resurging Flipsid3 Tactics squad. These two teams clashed three times in the past week, with Mock-it taking down Flipsid3 3-2 on their way to a second place finish in Gfinity at the hands of KAPOW (losing the finals 1-4). Their other encounters were both during the Rocket Royale International Finals where Mock-it quickly dispatched Kings of Urban with a 3-1 win before falling in the winners finals 0-3 to the aforementioned Flipsid3. Mock-it then bounced back with a very comfortable 3-0 win over a full strength iBP Cosmic before losing the grand finals 2-3 to Flipsid3. Taking a closer look at the journey Mock-it took to qualify for the RR international finals we see a surprise 1-4 defeat at the hands of The Flying Dutchmen during group stages sending Mock-it into the knockout stages as a second seed (with 4-1 wins over both Team_letim and RG securing their qualification). A first round knockout match against We Dem Girlz was their punishment for failing to secure the first seed, however Mock-it were able to edge 3-2 wins in that matchup and also in the final knockout stage against KAPOW. Elsewhere Mock-it EU were sent for an early dip into the losers bracket in the Mockitleague EU 3v3 tournament before coming back to win the entire thing. A noteworthy victory over The Flying Dutchmen (3-2) and back to back wins against Precision Z (4-2 and 4-2) cemented their comeback. Moving into the RLCS qualifiers Mock-it were able to rampage their way through their bracket, unsurprisingly, without losing a single game, quickly dispatching Team_letim and Eff0rt in the semi finals and finals respectively to ensure safe passage to the group stage.


Flipsid3 Tactics

Roster: Markydooda, Kuxir97, M1k3rules

There was a time when FlipSid3 was practically god-like, untouchable by any except for the then-named Cosmic Aftershock (now iBP Cosmic), but recently I’ve had several questions about FlipSid3’s form. After weeks of general inactivity that saw them drop in the rankings they’ve come back, played several games, and been pretty ho hum (at least by F3 standards. Back in Pro League, I’d documented some of Kuxir’s inconsistent play. Sure, they’ve been hanging around in the top tier of European teams, hovering in the #3 and #4, but they were far from the FlipSid3 we once knew. For the reasons listed above I was very trepidatious of them, heading into RLCS, and I know I wasn’t the only one. Early last week I was tuning into M1k3’s stream, and a viewer voiced their concern (in the harsh way that semi-anonymous Twitch viewers sometimes can). M1k3’s response was emphatic; it was very sharp and had a swagger to it. I could tell that there was a fire in M1k3’s belly, and that he was going to infect the entire team with it. They would be ready for RLCS. From there they romped through Rocket Royale, besting Shazoo (4-1), Unrivaled (3-2), Precision Z (4-1), Crown & Jewels (3-0), The Flying Dutchmen (3-0), iBP Cosmic (3-0), Mock-It EU (3-0), then Mock-It EU again (3-2). Then, they entered the RLCS thunderdome and left a host of squads demoralized and ruined behind them. They did not lose a single game in RLCS (until KA-POW took one game for them in the final, qualifying series) and had noteworthy victories against Absolution and KA-POW. In short, FlipSid3 showed a form I’d thought they’d forgotten, and I frankly don’t understand how I was the only ranker to put them second.



Roster: al0t, Sniperkid138, Turbopolsa

Kapow have had a much more impressive past week or so and have made a climb to 4th in the rankings, the highest they’ve been in a very long while. The week started for them in Rocket Royale where they beat Gentlemen 4-1, Absolution 5-0 and lost 2-3 to Crown & Jewels. While they may have been disappointed to lose to C&J, their heavy wins against the two prior teams was more than enough to grab them 1st place in their group. Come the knockouts, they had a fairly comfortable win against Unrivalled 3-1, but fell in a narrow 2-3 loss to Mockit EU. Their Rocket Royale performance was relatively sound with no major unexpected results. We move onto Gfinity now where their week really started to take off. They won the whole thing, beating SnK, Team Letim, Mockingbirds, but most notably MockitEU 4-1 in the final. This was a huge result for them and was definitely the biggest factor in their climb to 4th this week. Their performance in RLCS was more or less as expected. They had quite an easy bracket, only needing to beat Comrade and eventually Cow Nose in the loser’s final in order to qualify for groups. In the winner’s bracket final that they played prior, they fell to Flipsid3 1-2 in a tight series, but one that they shouldn’t feel too bad about. All in all, much better from Kapow. They’ve demonstrated quite a bit of improvement from their past few weeks and will look to challenge and beat the other top 4 teams more regularly. I expect them to sustain 4th-5th place for the next few weeks.


Supersonic Avengers

Roster: ELMP, Snaski, Doomsee

This past week was rough for Supersonic Avengers. They were part of the most significant story coming out of RLCS when they fell to RG eSports and PrecisionZ in their attempts to qualify for group stage. The question coming out of those results was “Where was Doomsee” and he answered those questions through a long statement here where he discussed the thought process behind the decision and how it all went down. Their other notable RLCS result was a win vs Unrivalled. Outside of RLCS they were unable to participate in any other tournaments due to player availability. SA could manage to drop a few more ranks with the competitive nature of the teams below them being able to take out other Top 5 teams.


The Flying Dutchmen

Roster: Dogu, Jessiepinkmaan, PauliepaulNL, Vogan

The Flying Dutchmen are fresh off the back of their incredible triumph last Sunday, making RLCS Group Stage by taking out We Dem Girlz. As a result of that great victory they climb up the rankings to 6th this week, the highest they’ve been so far. Before we go over their RLCS performance, let’s take a look at their other results this week. They first participated in the new Rocket Royale which now runs on weekdays to accommodate for the RLCS. They ended top of their group, Taking out RG 3-2, losing 2-3 to Team Letim but most notably beating Mockit EU, a team they seem to have a great amount of success against. In the knockouts, they took out Comrade Gaming in a relatively close 3-2 series but then went on to be defeated by Flipsid3 with a 0-3 series score. In summary, their games against RG, Letim and Comrade may not have been stellar but taking out Mockit EU so well is definitely significant, and has contributed a fair amount towards their ranking this week. TFD didn’t play in Gfinity so we head right into the open qualifier for RLCS this past Sunday. There’s only really two notable games here, their 2-1 win over Precision Z and their 2-0 victory over WDG the game after, which clinched their place in the group stage this coming weekend. Their win over Precision Z was probably enough to allow them to climb this week but with them taking out WDG as well, in the fashion that they did, is a huge boost to their ranking. It should be noted here that WDG certainly didn’t appear to be firing on all cylinders. However, not all of that can be attributed to the WDG players’ underperformance, the TFD players were resilient and put plenty of pressure onto WDG which may have been a factor in preventing their usual free-flowing play. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the group stage this weekend, they’ll certainly have a lot more people watching them now. While they may struggle sometimes against the lesser teams, they have a style that works very effectively against the likes of Mockit EU and WDG which may get them the wins they need to advance to the Online Finals.


Crown & Jewels

Roster: Killerno7, Yeezy, Stocki, ViolentPanda, Rocketpower

Crown & Jewels find themselves falling to 7th equal in the rankings this week after having maintained sole occupation of the 5th spot for the entire month prior. Failure to find any consistent combination of their 4 man roster and a lack of practice in the week leading up to the RLCS open bracket qualifier makes their one way journey to the losers bracket at the hands of RG eSports (0-2) a little less surprising. After a couple of 2-0 victories including one versus Unrivalled, the fact that RG had gone on to qualify to the group stage without losing a series was the only comfort that C&J had as they moved on to face We Dem Girlz in the losers bracket finals. Any feelings of comfort were short lived, however, as We Dem Girlz took command of the series and won 2-0 with ease, sending C&J home with nothing to show for their qualifier run... except disappointment and shame. The only events that C&J participated in for the week leading up to RLCS were the Rocket Royale group stage and knockout stage. Despite taking a series victory over KAPOW (3-2), C&J were only able to qualify as the second seed from the group stage as KAPOW were able to do significantly better against Absolution than C&J were, with C&J actually losing their series 2-3 while KAPOW won 5-0. Luckily for C&J they were able to win 4-1 against Gentlemen to avoid being upset twice in the same day. Two days later, in the first round of the knockout stage, C&J suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Flipsid3 Tactics (0-3) and thus ended their hopes of an International Finals appearance. Times are hard for C&J and unless they can sort out their roster troubles they could be under serious pressure in the coming weeks from the teams that are currently ranked beneath them.


Precision Z

Roster: Tequilaz, Mikageishi, Dadooh

Precision Z are another one of the 8 teams from Europe that made it into the RLCS group stages. Their first tough oppponent was The Flying Dutchmen, and whilst they put up a good fight, PZ lost 2-1 in the end and were sent into the losers' bracket, where they faced Shazoo. This time around, PZ took down Shazoo 2-1 and moves onto their final match of the evening, vs. Supersonic Avengers. The winner of this match would qualify for the group stages and the loser would go home...metaphorically speaking of course, since everyone was already home anyway. Fortunately for Precision Z, they managed to snag the victory 2-1 and qualify for the group stages. Precision Z also participated in GFinity last week, where they ended up losing 3-2 to Mockingbirds, who have recently started coming into form. Whilst Mockingbirds are unranked, there are never any surprising results in EU anymore, In Rocket Royale, Precision Z failed to get out of the group stages after losing 4-1 to both Unrivalled and Flipsid3 Tactics. They did beat Shazoo 4-1, however. The 2 losses to lower-ranked teams could've been bad for PZ, but with their win over SA, a drop in their rank didn't seem viable. Plus, the teams below them haven't done enough to be put above PZ.



Roster: Tinny, Cheerio, kilEak, Dave

Eff0rt jump up one spot this week thanks to the news this past week of Hard-On Colliders disbanding which left a void in the #9 spot and no other team to rightfully claim it. In RLCS Eff0rt didn’t have too much in the way of notable results outside of a 0-2 loss to Mock-it EU and a 2-0 win over Dot Dot Dot. It was a similar story for GFinity on Friday, they didn’t have a significant result outside of losing to Comrade Gaming 2-3 in Round 4. Eff0rt has a bunch of competition for their 9th spot in the rankings and RG eSports definitely look to leapfrog them with their recent results


Comrade Gaming

Roster: O.S.P., Juuksey, ll_Musketeers_ll, Lunation

Comrade has been a very difficult team to rank in recent weeks, mostly because they have not managed to get into as many competitive matches as some of the other teams at their level. Obviously the less games a team plays, the harder it is to compare their infrequent apples to the more bountiful apples of others. Luckily for us, between RLCS and Rocket Royale, we’re finally able to get a better picture of how these fine fellows stack up. Comrade Gaming made their mark in Rocket Royale, with a 1-4 defeat at the hands of #1 We Dem Girlz, a close 2-3 loss to Eff0rt, and a very noteworthy 5-0 battering of Hitmen. It’s that 5-0 defeat (the only team to sweep Hitmen) which gave them wins they needed to edge our Eff0rt for the second spot in Group A and allowed them to punch their ticket into the elimination stage, where they played The Flying Dutchmen very close. The series ended 3-2 in Dutchmen’s favour. In RLCS action, Comrade went very deep; they suffered their first loss to KA-POW 2-1 in the Quarter-Finals, knocking them into the lower bracket. Shortly thereafter they faced Dot Dot Dot, who surprised with a 2-1 victory. Had Comrade won that series, they would have faced Eff0rt in a Group Stage qualifying match. In short, Comrade has had some hits and had some misses. They've played a series of better teams close, while experiencing the heartbreak of a single poor result in RLCS and as such have earned the #10 spot. Before you read Susan’s Homeric Epic to RG eSports, below, I’d recommend you grab a glass of water, maybe go for a walk. By the time you’re done, you may find that the sun has set and risen again, so be forewarned!


RG eSports

Roster: Data, Seeks, Reganam

Slap a cherry on my head and call me Susan, where the hell did this team come from!? RG eSports had always been a pretty low-ranked team, hovering around the #15 mark, but at last week's RLCS, they pulled some serious moves out of the bag. They were a completely different team on Sunday. The first unexpected result came in the Winners Semi-Finals where RG eSports faced Crown & Jewels. I think any sane person on the planet would've bet their life savings on Crown & Jewels to win, but if Leicester can win the Premier League, then anything is possible. RG eSports began by scoring within 2 seconds off the kick-off. Most people shrugged it off as a bit of luck, C&J would easily come back to win, but then RG just kept scoring...more and more...until they won the first match 4-1. People were starting to wonder what on earth was going on. Match 2 was closer, but RG won that 2-1, which meant RG were now one match away from qualifying for the group stages, and Crown & Jewels was sent straight to the losers' bracket. An absolutely shocking result, but RG eSports were playing the game of their lives. Could they continue this reign of terror as they faced Supersonic Avengers in the next round? In the 2nd placement match of the evening, RG eSports faced Supersonic Avengers and people were not so confident who would win this time around. The first game, however, didn't go in RG's favour as they lost 3-1 to SA. It was clear that RG were not playing how they were in their series against C&J. But, in the next match they brought back their A-game. RG went back to hammering ball after ball and doubled their pitch speed, and it worked for them, as they won the second match 2-1. This meant the placement match relied on one final game. My word was this a good game. Supersonic Avengers went up to 2-1 with 2:19 left on the clock. They carried on this lead until 13 seconds remained, where a pass from Reganam to Seeks landed them a top-of-the-goal equaliser. After a 2:12 long OT, RG eSports slammed a shot into the top of the goal, and with that they progressed to the RLCS Group Stages. I don't think anyone saw this team qualifying to the next round, but they definitely deserved it. As a comparison, in that same week RG eSports played in Rocket Royale, where they suffered from 2 losses, 3-2 to The Flying Dutchmen and 4-1 to Mock-It EU, as well as a 4-1 win vs. Team_letim. You can notice the slight improvement in those games already, as they take a few games off some highly ranked teams. So, what was RG doing in RLCS that they don't normally do? The source of all of their power on Sunday was, I believe, adrenaline and hunger. You could tell that Data, Seeks, and Reganam were all wanting to win badly. I've never seen so much emotion in a trio of faceless cars before. RG essentially upped their speed and went for every ball they could, over and over again. Usually this wouldn't be a great strategy, as you'd be constantly going for the same balls and you'd be easier to read than a children's book, but they seemed to have their communication on point as well, since they rarely went for the same ball, their accuracy was insane, and their passing was on another level. The big question is, can they keep this up? In my honest opinion I don't think they can outside of RLCS. Without their adrenaline to qualify for the biggest Rocket League tournament to date, I don't think they'll quite have it. I believe they'll player better from this point onwards, but to play as well as they did in RLCS? I don't believe so. Not outside of RLCS anyway.


Top 10

Pos. Team JohnnyBoi dmrawlings Doomsee Lunation MrLittleThor Average
1. Avatar We Dem Girlz 1 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar Mock-it eSports EU 2 3 2 2 2 2.20
3. Avatar Flipsid3 Tactics 3 2 3 3 3 2.80
4. Avatar KA-POW 4 4 4 5 4 4.20
5. Avatar Supersonic Avengers 5 5 5 4 5 4.80
6. Avatar The Flying Dutchmen 6 6 6 7 6 6.20
7. Avatar Crown & Jewels 8 7 8 6 8 7.40
8. Avatar Precision Z 7 8 7 8 7 7.40
9. Avatar Eff0rt 9 9 9 9 9 9.00
10. Avatar Comrade Gaming 11 10 12 10 10 10.60
11. Avatar RG eSports 10 11 10 11 11 10.60



Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


SARPBC veteran and Pro player for Team Rocket


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Ardent observer of EU competitive scene. Guest columnist for this week.

Teams To Watch

  • JohnnyBoi_i: Mockingbirds
  • DMRawlings: Hitmans
  • Doomsee: Unrivalled
  • Lunation: Dot Dot Dot
  • MrLittleThor: Cow Nose

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