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EU Power Rankings4/13/16 - 4/20/16

eu Power Rankings {4/13/16 - 4/20/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

We Dem Girlz

Roster: Remkoe, gReazy, Maestro

After 3 consecutive weeks of being undefeated, it has finally happened. The almighty We Dem Girlz lost their first match...and then they lost again. In last week's GFinity they struted their way to the semi-finals, where they met Flipsid3 Tactics, who just recently came back from their month-long holiday in The Bahamas. I mean, why else would you not play competitive Rocket League for so long? We Dem Girlz put up a hard fight in the semis but ended up losing 3-1. Flipsid3, the first team to take down We Dem Girlz. In the EU/NA Mockit tournament, they lost in the Round of 16 2-1 vs. Retrospect (NA). Then, the fan-favourite Rocket Royale returned for it's next season! On Sunday, the top 8 teams from EU and the top 8 teams from NA faced off in the almighty international tournament. WDG completely dominated their group, beating F3 5-0, HoC 4-1, and C&J 4-1, losing only 2 out of a possible 15 games. In the knockout stages they faced F3 yet again, and beat them 3-1. In the international finals WDG beat Mock-It NA 3-1, but then lost 3-2 to iBP Cosmic. They were then bumped down to the losers bracket where they faced Supersonic Avengers. Now, these two teams have faced fairly often in the past and We Dem Girlz has won every time, and by a comfortable amount, but this time it wasn't to be. WDG lost 3-1 to SA, meaning that Supersonic Avengers is the 2nd EU team to beat WDG, counting for WDG's 2nd ever EU loss. Despite these losses, We Dem Girlz have still performed excellently in recent tournaments and so they definitely deserve to stay at #1. It seems that my prediction of the top 4 rumble in the jungle is coming true, as teams from all over the top 4 are beating one another on more than one occasion. Who knows what the top 4 will look like next week, but if We Dem Girlz receives any more losses to SA, F3 or MEU, then I can expect a new #1 team next week.


Supersonic Avengers

Roster: ELMP, Snaski, Doomsee

Supersonic Avengers are reaffirming their spot at #2 this week and definitely proving they can leapfrog We Dem Girlz from their results this week. Avengers’ most notable results have to be in Rocket Royale this past Sunday. In the group stage of Rocket Royale, Supersonic Avengers only dropped 3 total games in their 3 series which put them top of their group going into the knockout stage vs Precision Z – where they got a 3-0 sweep – and putting themselves into the finals. It was the finals bracket that had SA saying “Let’s prove we have what it takes to beat the best teams” and prove it they did. They dropped their first series against iBP Cosmic 2 games to 3 but they fought back against Mock-it NA and beat them in another 5 game series. The key result that seemed to shock everyone was their victory over We Dem Girlz in 4 games (3-1) but a few people – myself included – weren’t overly surprised since we had expected a brawl from the top 4 teams to fight for that #1 spot in the rankings. After that victory against We Dem Girlz, SA looked onwards to the team that sent them into the loser’s bracket – iBP Cosmic – and wanted to challenge the so-called “NA Dream Team” but they weren’t able to take home the win losing in Game 5 of a pretty close series. Rocket Royale aside, Supersonic Avengers pulled out a decent run through GFinity on Saturday – beating Crown & Jewels and Dot Dot Dot – before losing out in the semi-finals versus Mock-it EU. The big reason why we couldn’t put SA in first though was because of their lackluster performance in Pulsar Premier League – or PPL for short. In their 2 sets of PPL games this past week Supersonic Avengers played Hard-On Colliders (lost 2-3) and We Dem Girlz (lost 1-4) but if Rocket Royale is any indicator then we should have some more exciting weeks ahead of us.


Flipsid3 Tactics

Roster: Markydooda, Kuxir97, M1k3rules

This is a nice sight to behold, Flipsid3 Tactics playing in a tournament – and two at that – whilst being competitive in their games. First time we saw Flipsid3 Tactics this week was their usual run through GFinity where we saw the Flipsid3 Tactics we have come to know throughout the many months. Along the way of reaching the finals of GFinity, Flipsid3 had beaten notable teams – such as Precision Z, Team_letim, and We Dem Girlz – but wound up losing in the finals to a Mock-it EU team that has been a little shaky in play recently. In Rocket Royale, Flipsid3 had some interesting performances. Group stage of Rocket Royale definitely had the most interesting results for this team – they either got a blow-out or were blown out – but they showed glimpses of their old selves. In the knock-out stage is where we saw F3 vs We Dem Girlz and even though the series score was 3-1 in favor of We Dem Girlz; the games couldn’t have been any closer. Hopefully we can see this continued performance of Flipsid3 Tactics in the upcoming weeks to make the Top 4 interesting.


Mock-it eSports EU

Roster: Paschy90, Miztik, Sikii, Scrub Killa

Mockit EU have had an incredibly peculiar week, resulting in them dropping to 4th in the rankings. Before breaking down the individual results, it should be stated straight away that they won the Saturday Gfinity tournament and then the following day went 1-14 in games in their Rocket Royale Round Robin. In Gfinity they looked pretty impressive, staking a claim for being the top team in EU by taking out RG, The Flying Dutchmen, Supersonic Avengers, and then Flipsid3 in the finals. While initially impressive, most of these series were won narrowly and were not done so convincingly. Come Rocket Royale the following day disaster happened, whereby they lost 1-4 to TFD, 0-5 to SA and 0-5 to Precision Z. As none of these games were streamed, it’s difficult to understand just how this came to be, but from what has been seen already Miztik seems to be having difficulties adapting to his new teammates, and as such his game impact has been extremely low. To make things worse, Mockit EU had to forefeit versus Crown and Jewels in the first week of the Pulsar Premier League. Something strange is happening here and it will be very intriguing to monitor their future performances as they’re obviously a talented team but so far seem to lack any sort of synergy, resulting in some extremely heavy losses.


Crown & Jewels

Roster: Killerno7, Yeezy, Stocki, ViolentPanda, Rocketpower

It was a very standard week for Crown & Jewels, with 5 notable results under their belt. In GFinity they took down Shazoo 3-1 in the Ro 16, but were faced with Supersonic Avengers in the Quarter-Finals, where they lost 3-1. In Rocket Royale they surprisingly came in last in the group stage, behind We Dem Girlz, Flipsid3, and Hard-On Colliders. Whilst losing 4-1 and 5-0 to We Dem Girlz and Flipsid3 respectively, they did beat Hard-On Colliders 3-2 whom they ended up on equal overall wins with, but due to goal difference, they were 4th in the group. That was that for Crown & Jewels' run last week. No unexpected wins or losses, so no reason to move them up or down. The 5th/6th spot seems to be exactly where C&J is struggling to break from at the moment. It'll take a serious amount of effort on their part to break into the top 4, and I don't think they'll be falling down to 7th any time soon, so I expect C&J to cruise along at this spot for a while, unless they change something up in their strategy soon.



Roster: al0t, Sniperkid138, Turbopolsa

As a squad KA-POW has always seemed at the fringe of the elite teams. They’ve placed an emphatic 6th place over the last few weeks, always faring better than the teams beneath them, but not recording consistent wins against teams above them. I’m very happy to say, though, that KA-POW had a preeeeetty solid week this week. In GFinity action they vanquished #11 Absolution 3-0, before losing to We Dem Girlz 0-3 in the Quarter Finals. In Pulsar action, KA-POW put substantial pressure on We Dem Girlz, taking 2 games from them in a set of 5 games. As a result of their solid performance this week, in conjunction with some other squads faltering, I’m personally rate them as the 5th best team (though based on the committee averages they do remain in the #6 spot). For the first time in a while though, they are causing dispute amongst us, and the direction that they’re moving is up!


Precision Z

Roster: Tequilaz, Mikageishi, Dadooh

Even though there’s no movement this week from Precision Z that shouldn’t take away from their recent performances. Let’s get the disappointing results in Pulsar Premier League out of the way first. The two teams they played in PPL this past week were C&J and Eff0rt, and through both of those sets they could only win a combined 3 games. GFinity was a better performance even though they got booted out in Round 4 by the eventual second place team in Flipsid3 Tactics. Of course the main reason why we would even consider moving this team up the rankings would be due to their stellar results in Rocket Royale. I didn’t expect this team to make it out the group when they have to get past Mock-it EU, but due to Mock-it EU’s lackluster performance and Precision Z’s solid performance, they were able to make it out of their group only losing a set to Supersonic Avengers and only a game to Dutchmen. Knock-out stage of Rocket Royale brought the result I was expecting the most, Precision Z got swept by Avengers 3-0. This team, along with The Flying Dutchmen, is one of the teams to keep eyes on for potential leapfrogging into 5th or 6th.


The Flying Dutchmen

Roster: Dogu, Jessiepinkmaan, PauliepauINL, Vogan

The Flying Dutchmen fall a place this week into 8th, following a fairly mixed bag of results. They participated in both the Saturday Gfinity as well as the newly revitalised Rocket Royale Showcase tournament held on Sunday. In Gfinity they had an expected victory against Mockingbirds but fell short to Mockit EU in the quarter-finals in a 2-3 score-line. While this may now not seem impressive as a result of Mockit’s Rocket Royale performance, it should be noted that Mockit EU actually won Gfinity, taking out both Supersonic Avengers and Flipsid3 in the process, giving credence to TFD’s series against them. Then came Rocket Royale in which TFD were placed in a Round Robin group with Mockit EU, SA and Precision Z. They had a very impressive 4-1 victory over Mockit EU. However, as it turned out, Mockit had one of their worst tournament performances to date, so it’s hard to gauge the merit of this result, it is still noteworthy however. They then played SA in which they lost 2-3 which is also a fairly respectable result given SA’s performance this past week. However, what blemishes TFD’s week significantly is their 4-1 loss to Precision Z, a team below them in the rankings. If not for this, they likely would have made it out of their group and had a chance against other top teams in the knockouts. TFD are still a relatively new team and are working on developing their team identity, but they’ve shown themselves capable of taking top teams close so there’s promise in this Vogan-lead Dutch team for sure.


Hard-On Colliders

Roster: Aeleksander, Jayless, Reteq

One of my favourite parts of writing for the power rankings committee is that it’s allowed me to watch the ebbs and flows of the different teams. There’s something wonderful about tracking teams start at the bottom, and gradually work their way up. The Hard-On Colliders are a poster child for this. While HoC has been around for a bit, they came to the attention of the committee about a month ago, and unlike other teams that peak for a bit before normalizing or disappearing altogether the Colliders have shown a gradual improvement over time. This week Hard-On Colliders earned a berth into the inaugural Rocket Royale (stepping up when KA-POW was unavailable), and showed some results that proved that they’re in the neighbourhood of some very strong teams. They were defeated 1-4 by both then #1 ranked We Dem Girlz and then #3 FlipSid3 Tactics, and also took 2 games off of Crown & Jewels, eventually losing 2-3. All is not perfect, however, for this Swedish team; recently they parted ways with MummiSnow. It will be interesting to see whether they pick up another player, or whether they rely on Reteq to step up from his substitute role. Can the Hard-On Colliders keep it up despite this roster shift? Time will tell...


Comrade Gaming

Roster: O.S.P., Juuksey, ll_Musketeers_ll, Lunation

Comrade lunges back into the top 10 this week, up one spot off the back of a strong start in the Pulsar Premiere League. Comrade went 3-2 against the Mockingbirds, as well as 4-1 against Eff0rt, putting them in a tie for second place in the playUK.com EU Premiereship. It’s been a pretty rough go for Comrade lately, who faces increasing competition in the EU region. A month ago, they peaked at 6th highest in the power rankings, but of late the rise of Precision Z (formerly BAM eSports), the improved roster of The Flying Dutchmen, and the arrival of the Hard-On Colliders have pushed them back to being a cusp team. With as few results to go off as we’ve gotten lately from Comrade, they can be a tough team to place. One thing that’s clear to me, though is that the 7-12 ratings will fluctuate wildly in the weeks to come.


Top 10

Pos. Team dmrawlings Doomsee Lunation MrLittleThor Average
1. Avatar We Dem Girlz 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar Supersonic Avengers 2 2 3 2 2.25
3. Avatar Flipsid3 Tactics 3 3 2 3 2.75
4. Avatar Mock-it eSports EU 6 4 4 4 4.50
5. Avatar Crown & Jewels 4 5 6 5 5.00
6. Avatar KA-POW 5 6 5 6 5.50
7. Avatar Precision Z 7 7 8 8 7.50
8. Avatar The Flying Dutchmen 8 9 7 7 7.75
9. Avatar Hard-On Colliders 9 8 9 9 8.75
10. Avatar Comrade Gaming 10 11 10 11 10.50



Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


SARPBC veteran and Pro player for Team Rocket


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Ardent observer of EU competitive scene. Guest columnist for this week.

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