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Power ranking

NA Power Rankings4/20/16 - 4/27/16

na Power Rankings {4/20/16 - 4/27/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!


Roster: Kronovi, Lachinio, Gambit

Shoutcasting and coaching mid game is probably not your typical Sunday, and I really hope that beautiful trainwreck doesn't become a norm for Cosmic, because NA has shown that iBP may be the only team capable of taking down WDG right now. Without their full roster of: Lach, Kro, and Gambit, Cosmic doesn't seem to uphold nearly the same competitive edge that they were able to show us when they went through the entire MIL without dropping a single match. Looking at PPL as well, Gibbs had to sub in and that ended up in a 2-3 losing set against Retro. What does that mean overall? Cosmic needs all pieces of the puzzle if they want to carry along as the 'Dream Team' because if anyone is missing, they've shown that subs won't hold against anyone in the top 5 of NA, let alone EU. However, one interesting topic to think about is whether the weight of never losing will creep up again like it had many months ago, and who might the usurper be? There's still a lot to learn about these newly formed NA teams as we watch Cosmic lead the pack in MIL and RR.


Mock-it eSports NA

Roster: Insolences, Low5ive, Rizzo

With a missed Rocket Royale this week, Mock-it are on a bit of thin ice in the precipice of the #2 spot. The one thing that has kept this squad above the others has been their consistent series wins against KoU and Orbit, but their loss to Genesis gives a little uncertainty, even if they took the very next series from them. Unfortunately, Mock-it has yet to play Retrospect which would really determine the #2 spot in my book. Retrospect simply hasn't put up consistent series wins against the other 2-5 teams and Mock-it have lucked out this week due to Rizzo's messy sleep schedule. If Mock-it want to stay at #2, they really need to make up for their lack of PPL games with solid Rocket Royale runs each week, and can certainly not afford another absent Sunday


Kings of Urban

Roster: Fireburner, Jacob, Sadjunior

I was just as shocked as most when Kings of Urban announced their roster move bringing in Sadjunior in place of Moses. I can't say I blamed them for wanting some sort of change as their reign as NA's most dominant team was slipping and the unveiling of the new iBP Cosmic roster had the scene abuzz. Only time will tell if this particular roster change will pay off, but if this past week is any indicator, things seem to be turning around for KoU. KoU had a very solid Rocket Royale knocking off notable teams like Lucky Bounce, Orbit and Flipsid3 Tactics. (You'll notice a 3-0 sweep of iBP Cosmic in the Knockout stage of Royale, but it should be noted that the iBP Cosmic roster was Kronovi, Gibbs, and Jamesbot.) KoU ultimately fell to a red-hot Retrospect in the lower bracket of the international finals, but their 2-1 victory in the Group stage made them 3-3 vs Retrospect for the day. Kings of Urban also earned them selves a pair of 3-2 wins over VexX Gaming and Genesis in their Pulsar Premier League matches. Kings of Urban never fell out of that seemingly interchangeable 2 through 5 tier in NA, but they've looked stronger recently than they have in weeks.



Roster: Klassux, Huskih, Flow, Espeon, KyleMasc

Out of all the teams in the 2-5 mess, the real dark horse seems to be Retrospect. While KoU, Mock-it NA, and Orbit have all been contending and trading series for the #2 spot these past three weeks, Retrospect has steadily been winning high caliber games while maintaining complete control over the teams below them. In Rocket Royale, they managed a 3-2 series from Flipsid3, a 2-1 against Orbit, and they beat KoU 3-2 after a 1-2 loss. While this squad may not have appeared to be a lead contender for the #2 spot to the casual spectator, Retrospect is on the fast track to the top of the NA dogpile below iBP. The absolutely minisclue gaps between these four teams means that every result has huge sway, and if they manage to perform as they did this past weekend, I expect them to maintain their steady climb and possibly contend with the NA dream team



Roster: Zanejackey, Genocop, HotWheelsSid, Stev

Orbit fell from grace this week tumbling down to the number 5 spot. Orbit had a weak Rocket Royale losing to both Kings of Urban and Retrospective 1-2. They also didn’t play in Mock-It which could of helped a ton with the weak RR results. These results by themselves are not the worst thing ever but the teams around them all had spectacular weeks. Retro (RR #2), Kings (RR#3), Mock (Mock #2) all had valuable results so it pushed Orbit down to 5 with the mediocre week. Orbit is a solid team and they have shown it before, I just hope they can participate in both tournaments this weekend to get that much needed warm up before the RLCS weekend.



Roster: Pluto, Quinn Lobdell, Moses, Kovanel

Out of all teams in the top 10 this week, Genesis is by far the most solidified team in their spot. They can’t seem to break the top 5 teams but they make short work of everyone else in NA. They did split two series with Mock NA this week and sadly didn’t get the rematch in Rocket Royale because Mock NA couldn’t make it. They made it out of their groups as number 1 but that wasn’t saying much with Mock not showing up, Cosmic playing with 2 subs, and Vexx the #8 team going into the group. Retrospect made short work of them in the knockout stage to further solidify that these guys are not a top 5 team just yet. They still have some work to do with Moses to get this team RLCS ready. I expect to see them participate in every tournament that they can this weekend to get that much needed practice.


No Clue

Roster: Azi, Chrome, Sadkoala, PrimeThunder, Knuggs

They did it! Last week I was describing some of the lament that No Clue had towards their recent ESL history, but this time I get to report back that with the addition of Chrome they were able to finally again stand in the #1 spot on the ESL podium. While I wasn't able to watch the finals, I do know that it came down to a game 7 vs a well packed Gibblets (Cinema, Kerupt, + Vafele) so the new acquisition has proven to be very positive. While I personally have a hard time seeing them break into the top 5, they've given themselves a chance at Rocket Royale where they are really going to be tested to the maximum of their potential. Even though this means we likely won't see them participate in ESL this weekend, it's absolutely in their best interest to keep the upwards trend moving into MIL as well. Last Saturday didn't end up fruitful which in some ways made it difficult to place No Clue; however, Their placement for next week is completely in their hands at this point.


VexX Gaming

Roster: Jayyyrah, Garrett, Turtle, Kuniv

Honestly not much going on with Vexx. They did have a close set in PPL with Kings or Urban (3-2) but besides that it's more of the same. They lose to teams above them and lately they haven't played teams below them since they only participated in Rocket Royale this week. I dropped the pretty low this week because I'm not sure where they stand right now. It's hard to tell and with some other teams putting up results I moved them down a bit further to see these other teams compete at the higher stage. Averages worked out for Vexx and I hope they show something in this next Rocket Royale.


Lucky Bounce

Roster: Timbathy, Darkfire, September

A team that has been recently struggling with lineup woes, Lucky Bounce falls just out of reach of the top 8 and Rocket Royale this week. With Matt leaving the team to join Sizz, Amoney, and Air on Chemistry, Lucky Bounce finds themselves where they were a few weeks back. While their results were not too unexpected (0-3 to KoU, Retro, and Orbit who all have been competing fiercly for that coveted #2 spot), the unfortunate lack of games against teams in their range and sudden shift in team dynamic really leaves Lucky Bounce teetering in a questionable spot. I have no doubt that the current lineup could contend for their established top 10 spot and work back into Rocket Royale, but with the increasingly competitive 7-10 range, it'll be a tough fight for these boys. Hopefully this uncertain period is not a long one, and I expect this squad to fully recover with some solid results in ESL or Mock-it this coming week.



Roster: J_Knaps, Napp, Timi_F, Tuster56

Checkmate followed up last week's surprise ESL victory with another solid ESL performance. They finished top 8 with what must've been a heartbreaking 2-3 loss to Vision (who went on to take 3rd in ESL). Checkmate also gave a very noteworthy performance in Mock-It taking 5th overall (tied with Kindergarden). In Mock-It, they got a chance to test their mettle against teams like Genesis (0-2), No Clue (1-0), and Kings of Urban (0-1). I shared the same feeling as SoftGoat did last week regarding the rapid ascent in the rankings for Checkmate after their surprise ESL win last week, but their performance this past week show they deserve our attention. They fell 1 spot into 10th this week having more or less traded spots (and performances) with No Clue, but I don't see any reason why this trend should continue. Keep this up, Checkmate. Once Rocket Royale moves to its larger format, you're going to get your crack at the top teams in NA on a regular basis and we, the Power Rankers, will hopefully get our crack at some sweet, obvious puns.


Top 10

Pos. Team Dirkened Gibbs SoftGoat dpants Average
1. Avatar iBUYPOWER Cosmic 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar Mock-it eSports NA 3 2 2 4 2.75
3. Avatar Kings of Urban 2 3 4 2 2.75
4. Avatar Retrospect 4 4 3 3 3.50
5. Avatar Orbit 5 5 5 5 5.00
6. Avatar Genesis 6 6 6 6 6.00
7. Avatar No Clue 8 7 8 8 7.75
8. Avatar VexX Gaming 7 10 7 7 7.75
9. Avatar Lucky Bounce 9 9 9 9 9.00
10. Avatar Checkmate 10 8 10 10 9.50



Fan Ambassador for the Rocket League community


RLCS Analyst and Team Coach for iBUYPOWER Cosmic


Player for Failure to Qualify and avid supporter of the competitive scene.


Power Ranking trial member

Teams To Watch

  • Dirkened: Vision
  • Gibbs: Chemistry
  • SoftGoat: Vision
  • dpants: Gibblets

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