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Power ranking

NA Power Rankings2/24/16 - 3/2/16

na Power Rankings {2/24/16 - 3/2/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

Kings of Urban

Roster: Fireburner, Jacob, Moses

It's a bit interesting when you get even more security in your position in NA when you didn't play in any of the considered tournaments/leagues that week, however given the results of Cosmic vs Untethered, well KoU is looking pretty good right now. I was really hoping to see KoU play in ESL so that they could secure a spot in the Feb Monthly Finals, nevertheless there's no denying that KoU have been a solid rock in NA which of course snagged them the #1 seed in NA for the Pro League. There's obviously not a ton to say about them this week, but for the near future I'd say that they are NA's best hope for upsets against EU in the RLC Playoffs!



Roster: Kronovi, Sadjunior, Gibbs

Though it might seem a bit controversial based on Sunday's result, this week I take the side of Cosmic being just barely over Untethered. If this result had happened in any other week of the Pro League, I would have opposite views, but the situation of Gibbs' return along with the secured playoff spot persuaded me otherwise. With every game barring Cosmic's win being an incredibly close match, the 1-4 series loss to Untethered was closer than it initially seems. Untethered has a habit of winning most their games by two or fewer goals while Cosmic more characteristically takes the lead and piles on the punishment. Even though a game won by a single goal means just as much as a game won by ten for results, I stand by the consistency and ruthlessness of Cosmic to win when elimination is on the line. With not much at stake aside from a win securing their spot as #2 NA seed, the games against Untethered culminated in a more casual Game 5 to round out the series. Now that Gibbs is back home and Cosmic are more established, their grace period is over and they'll need a seriously dominating result soon if Untethered keep up their impressive play of the past weeks.



Roster: Lachinio, Vafele, Pluto

In the past 3 weeks, Untethered have quietly put on a tremendous run with big wins against Failure To Launch, iBUYPOWER Cosmic, Apollo 11, and MockIT eSports. Their losses to Kings of Urban and Double Tap certainly don't help their case, but the closeness off the KoU loss cannot be overstated. That series was a heck of a lot closer than most anyone would've predicted and sure looks much closer on paper than the final result would lead us to believe. This was much like their big win against iBP Cosmic this past weekend in the final regular season match of the RLC Pro League with both teams scoring a total of 10 goals total. 6 of IBP Cosmic's 10 came in the game 3 shellacking (6-1) against Untethered on Wasteland which is statistically iBP's best map (they're undefeated in the Pro League on it). The rest of the games were separated by no more than 2 goals with the final game resulting in a shut out (granted it was on Underpass), so we're clearly splitting hairs at this point. At the end of the Pro League's regular season, both iBP Cosmic and Untethered finished with very similar stats so it will certainly be interesting to see how they fare next Sunday (3/6) in the playoffs. For the time being, however, they're fit to be tied.


Orange Creamsicle

Roster: Edwind, Quinn Lobdell, Gambit

Orange Creamsicle had a disappointing week by missing the RLC Playoffs off a tiebreaker to FTL. They did get the 3-2 win over Mockit but needed a 4-1 to clinch after FTL 5-0'ed Apollo 11. The main reason they didn't make playoffs is because they could not field a full roster each week. The week they played FTL they were without Gambit and fell to them 4-1. When these guys field their full roster they beat just about anyone (like Cosmic last week). OC now has a few weeks off, unless they play Mockit, to figure out their roster going forward. I would not be surprised if this is the last time we see these 3 together in a major competition.


Failure To Launch

Roster: Genocop, Zanejackey, HotWheelsSid

The only team that qualified for the Pro League from the Open Qualifiers has done the impossible. After losing their first ten games in the league, they have ended their season on a respectable 13-7 run, culminating in a fantastic 5-0 series against other playoff hopefuls, the now-disbanded Apollo 11. With Failure to Launch rising to the occasion, and Mock-It delivering a triumphant swan song over the playoff expectant Orange Creamsicle, the Failure squad has proven they are the stronger team when the games come down to do or die. With an off-week in hand, I'd expect to see some strong results from this team in the weekly tournaments. The real excitement though will be the coming RLC playoff games, starting with the #1 EU seed, Crown & Jewels. Can the classic NA fundamental style beat the clinical EU defensive anomaly? Hopefully we can see some upsets and Failure to Launch continue their Cinderella story from the Open Qualifiers to RLC Pro League Champions.


Double Tap

Roster: Digital, Espeon, Jamesbot

As the Pro League regular season is over, we see have seen the aftermath as a few teams have disbanded since then, and as a result teams like Double Tab are shifted up a few positions. Due to these new found spots in the rankings, it looks like there is going to be some heated competition in the 6-10 positions and really Double Tap has been leading by example as of late. Despite a few subs here and there, Double Tap has finished top 2 on three accounts in the past 5 weeks in ESL and besides ESL #29's performance they've stayed very consistent. I'm really looking forward to their participation in upcoming tournaments to see how their fair against teams that have returned after the rostermania.


Back That Pass Up

Roster: Chrome, Ping Pong Pete, Sad Koala

Back That Pass Up may be the greatest name in Rocket League history. Correction IT IS the greatest name in Rocket League history, well done boys. BTPU are newcomers to the top 10, not because of the disbands of others, but from their awesome performance this weekend. On the way to winning the ESL title they got their revenge on 2ARC from last week by 4-1'ing them in the finals. If Back That Pass Up play up to the caliber of their name they will be #1 next week. Seriously though, these guys look to be one of the better newcomers to the top 10 and I expect them to battle it out against some of the better teams soon.



Roster: Finesse Greg, Kazoo, SteveGates

2ARC finally break their way into the Power Rankings with a very impressive two straight appearances in the ESL Finals. With their recent acquisition of SteveGates, this squad has run through a slew of great teams in recent weeks, including Ascension, the now-disbanded Mad Magic 3.0, Back That Pass Up, Smelly Socks, and PuG team Lucky Bounce with Timbathy, Chaupt72, and Genocop. Unfortunately, despite their impressive results, they just fall behind Back That Pass Up this week from their 1-4 loss in the Finals. If this group can continue their deep ESL runs, and hopefully finally win one, their consistency should keep them pushing even further up the board.


Weebs on Wheels

Roster: Conundrum Effect, Homebad, Stoney

After a bit of a line-up change, Weebs on Wheels add the OCE phenom Stoney and catapult up the rankings to land in this week's Top 10! To be fair, they've skirted the 11-16 range for awhile now but have recently put together a pair of solid wins in the Pulsar Premier League against Foremost and Ascension. Without many competitive results to go off of, those wins and a lack of big losses this week are enough to propel WoW upwards but their newfound ranking is in a bit of a tumultuous state unless they can continue to pile up enough wins and outplay their competition.


Kairos (Smelly Socks)

Roster: Dooble, Kovanel, Torment

3 weeks ago, Smelly Socks weren't a team. This week, they're in the Top 10. Granted, a few team disbands surely didn't hurt their cause, but Smelly Socks have put together a collection of wins against some of the teams ranked below them (Brace For Impact, Astral Authority, Aporia & AboveFaction) and have only lost to 2ARC & Back That Pass Up in that time frame. The lack of losses to teams below them certainly helps their case and hopefully we'll see over the coming weeks whether they'll turn into the next 'Failure To Launch' or not.


Top 10

Pos. Team CloudFuel Dirkened Gibbs SoftGoat Average
1. Avatar Kings of Urban 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar iBUYPOWER Cosmic 3 3 2 2 2.50
3. Avatar Untethered 2 2 3 3 2.50
4. Avatar Orange Creamsicle 4 4 4 5 4.25
5. Avatar Failure To Launch 5 5 5 4 4.75
6. Avatar Double Tap 6 6 6 6 6.00
7. Avatar Back That Pass Up 7 7 7 7 7.00
8. Avatar 2ARC 9 9 8 8 8.50
9. Avatar Weebs on Wheels 8 8 11 9 9.00
10. Avatar Kairos (Smelly Socks) 10 10 9 10 9.75



Owner of Rocket League Central and general help with the Rocket League community.


Fan Ambassador for the Rocket League community


RLCS Analyst and Team Coach for iBUYPOWER Cosmic


Player for Failure to Qualify and avid supporter of the competitive scene.

Teams To Watch

  • CloudFuel: Awaken
  • Dirkened: Thundercocks
  • Gibbs: Neo
  • SoftGoat: Brace for Impact

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