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Power ranking

NA Power Rankings1/20/16 - 1/27/16

na Power Rankings {1/20/16 - 1/27/16}

Welcome to the Rocket League Power Rankings!

Each week, our committee will be ranking the best teams based on a variety of criteria as well as providing commentary on the teams who make it into the Top 10. The committee is comprised of players, content creators, fans, analysts, & coordinators to help diversify opinions and come to a general consensus. Each committee member has their own method for determining team rankings (ranging from stat-tracking to instinct), but they only count for a single vote since the individual ranks are averaged together. Each member will also list a team that didn't quite make the Top 10, but they feel is on the rise and should be watched.

While we do our best to ensure that we are fair and impartial, it is important to remember that these are just opinions and will most likely change weekly. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!


Roster: Kronovi, Sadjunior, Gibbs

While last week was a bit more uncertain about who the #1 team in NA was between iBP and KoU, Cosmic has given us the performance that we needed in order to make a clear cut choice. With a unanimous rank #1 across the board, iBP Cosmic came up with this result as they were able to defeat the consistently ranked #3 NOT with an impressive 4-1 score. Simply enough, Cosmic gains 1 more win against NOT than what KoU was able to muster up and that is really what drives the top two rankings for now. However, a bit interesting right now is that Cosmic decides to pick up Amoney as a Pro League sub, which we will be able to see how flexible he and Cosmic are with new players in various positions.


Kings of Urban

Roster: Fireburner, Jacob, Moses

The Kings of Urban are nearly back on the throne, but after Cosmic's 4-1 set win over NOT in Week 2 of the RPL, it's hard to ignore that they're still the big dog in the yard. For KoU, that head to head backup which should come later this season will help tell us a great deal about which team deserves to be 1 or 2, but a 5-0 rout of Failure to Launch solidified that the Kings can hang at the top and Cosmic best watch their crown.



Roster: Klassux, Low5ive, KyleMasc

The third spot this week was NOT hard to choose. Overused joke? Probably. This week in the RPL we were able to witness the rematch of last month's ESL Monthly Final with iBP Cosmic going up against Never on Target. NOT was able to take a game off Cosmic, which is something a lot teams wouldn't be able to say, but unfortunately since KOU was able to take three games from NOT last week, the committee members decided third was the place for NOT. NOT has matches with some lower ranked teams for the next two weeks, so they are definitely in a dangerous position. They are expected to win against both FTL and SnK but those teams have the potential to make this third place team... NOT third. (Sorry, that one was obligatory.)


Orange Creamsicle

Roster: Edwind, Quinn Lobdell, Gambit

The #4 and #5 were a tough call for me this week. Orange Creamsicle beat Nexus in a big series 3-2. They did all this with a sub for Edwind. They looked strong but I am worried about Edwind. Rumors are going around that he may leave Rocket League behind. Quinn and Gambit are both strong players so their skill alone will keep them in the top 5. It all depends if they can find a suitable 3rd to compliment their style. If they find a 3rd soon, if Edwind does in fact leave, they have a chance at a good run through this Pro League. They started off the Pro League on the right foot, now they just gotta find their shoe.



Roster: Lachinio, Vafele, Pluto

Nexus comes in at #5 this week dropping one spot. This weekend in the Pro League they matched up against Orange Creamsicle losing 2-3 in the 5 game series. Orange Creamsicle had a sub for this series. For the first time in the pro league NXS had their full roster but seemed to have lost their team chemistry. They were shutout in games 2 and 4 of the series before erupting for 6 goals in game 5. I believe NXS can stay in the top 5 next week and for weeks to come once they figure out the lineup rotation and regain their well known NXS playing style.


Failure To Launch

Roster: Genocop, Zanejackey, HotWheelsSid

It has proved to be another difficult week for Failure to Launch, as they struggled to gain any upward momentum. FTL got our attention this week by replacing Mecha with HotWheelsSid, but still failed to take a game from #2 Kings of Urban. Just looking at the stats, FTL has the lowest rated offense (7th)* and defense (7th)* after two weeks of play in the Pro League and still remains winless. Although the strength of schedule for FTL has been quite high, the fact FTL has failed to win a single game has inevitably resulted in a slight drop from last week. This week will be critical for FTL if they have any hopes left of making the playoffs, and they’ll have to go through another tough opponent in NoT who managed to win 3 games after facing both iBP and KoU. FTL is the only team from either region that fought their way into the Pro League from the Open Qualifiers, and it’s undeniable that they have the skill to compete. I would not be surprised to see this talented team start climbing up the ladder as the season progresses.


SnK Apollo

Roster: Huskih, fl0w, Azi, PrimeThunder, Lars

Getting a bye week, SnK chooses to only find competitive time in the Pro League as well as occasionally in IRCL as well. Sitting around has never really helped anyone and with the predicament that SnK has found themselves in, I'd really like to see them try and get as much tournament time in as possible. They did OK against a Plutoless nXs, but in reality it is really going to take a lot more than that for them to start chipping away games from the other teams in the Pro League (and for that matter not allow FtL to surpass them).



Roster: Turtle, Jayyyrah

Up 1 spot from last week, Turbulence seems to be a team on the rise for NA. Winning ESL #24 in 7 games pulling off a reverse sweep on Weebs on Wheels and finishing in 2nd place losing to the new ESL #25 Champs Double Tap in 6 games. The roster seems finalized now and holds a lot of promise with the likes of Turtle being the more well known, but do not let that take away from Air, Jayyyrah and Matt all players that hold the same skill. This team can be a huge threat and can have a good chance of cracking the top 5 if they can keep up the consistency. I expect this team to catch many eyes of the Rocket League Community.


Moon Men

Roster: Amoney, ENIGMA_PLEASE, Kerupt

After flying so high weeks ago, the Moon Men squad haven't had the best run lately. To be fair, they also haven't had an opportunity to play too many of the teams currently ranked above them so that makes it very difficult to be ranked up. Most recently, they came just short of winning ESL #25 with a 1-3 loss to Turbulence, but they also notched wins against up-and-coming teams like Weebs on Wheels (with SteveGatesRL as a sub), Influenza, and Syntactics. I had a hard time ranking this squad this week due to the fact that they haven't really lost to anyone ranked lower than them nor have any of the teams ranked below them turned in significantly more impressive performances than the Moon Men. This team certainly has the potential to crack top 6, but will have a tough road ahead without too many opportunities to play the top squads. They'll need to ensure that they do everything they can to dominate all events they take part in so that they can ensure themselves a place among the Top 10 of NA Rocket League.


Weebs On Wheels

Roster: Conundrum Effect, Haku, Homebad

Last week, Weebs on Wheels (WoW) was on the wrong side of the bubble holding down the 11th spot. This week WoW makes the jump and snags the final place in the top 10. WoW secured a solid 4th place finish in this weeks ESL #25 with super-sub SteveGates, falling to Double Tap 1-3 in the semi-finals and 2-3 to Moon Men in the 3rd place match. Putting those losses aside, WoW scored an impressive 3-0 victory against Ascension and has avoided any bad losses for the past few weeks. With two back-to-back top 4 finishes in ESL, WoW continues their upward trajectory in the power rankings.


Top 10

Pos. Team Gibbs CloudFuel Shalthis Dirkened Ash Jamesbot RoguishElf Average
1. Avatar iBUYPOWER Cosmic 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.00
2. Avatar Kings of Urban 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2.00
3. Avatar NOT 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3.00
4. Avatar Orange Creamsicle 4 5 4 4 5 4 4 4.29
5. Avatar Nexus 5 4 5 5 4 5 5 4.71
6. Avatar Failure To Launch 6 6 9 6 6 7 8 6.86
7. Avatar SnK Apollo 7 7 8 7 8 6 6 7.00
8. Avatar Turbulence 8 8 6 8 7 8 7 7.43
9. Avatar Moon Men 9 9 7 9 9 9 9 8.71
10. Avatar Weebs On Wheels 11 10 11 12 10 11 10 10.71



RLCS Analyst and Team Coach for iBUYPOWER Cosmic


Owner of Rocket League Central and general help with the Rocket League community.


Shoutcaster extraordinaire for ESL, Rocket League Central, and other community events


Fan Ambassador for the Rocket League community


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Power Ranking Committee Trial Member


Co-creator for the Epic Aerial podcast

Teams To Watch

  • Dirkened: Influenza
  • Gibbs: Syntactics
  • CloudFuel: Foremost
  • Ash: 2ARC
  • Shalthis: Failure To Qualify
  • Jamesbot: Double Tap
  • RoguishElf: Jetpack Flyers

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