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QuicksalesForPs4 was online 8 hours ago
Active since June 2017
PSN Rburke245 NINTENDO SWITCH SW-1697-4571-0995 KonCeptS#7626

QuicksalesForPs4's Trades (14)


Looking for zplate wheels if anyone has any laying around. Also looking for black holographic wheels poster above. Also interested in black import cars that came from crates only! Also will buy you NON CRATE VERY RSRES AT 20C A PIECE!!!


Looking to buy these wheels with credits. Just mag me and tell me what you would like for the black imports and the red emerald ALSO LOOKING FOR Z-PLATE WHEELS IF TIU HAVE THEM MESSAGE ME IF THEYRE CHEAP ENUFF (H) 200c (W) TITANIUM white Maverick GXT Thanks If you have any of these cars please message on psn!

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