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This Week in Rocket League

10 months ago by Jasher in Rocket League News
News from Psyonix Competitive Season 5 & 6

This week, Psyonix announced that Season 5 of ranked matchmaking would conclude, ranks would be soft reset, and Season 6 of ranked would begin when the Autumn Update is released. Players will receive banners, a new item to the Autumn Update, for their Season 5 rank rewards. The release date for the new update has not been announced yet.

For more information, check Psyonix’s post.

Esports Industry Awards

For this year’s Esports Industry Awards, Rocket League has been nominated the Esports Game of the Year and Psyonix has been nominated for the Esports Publisher of the Year.

If you have not already voted, vote here!

PAX West

At PAX West, Rocket League design director Corey Davis discussed the backstory of Rocket League’s development and the in-game lore with IGN and PCGamer.

For a more in-depth discussion of the development of Rocket League, watch Corey Davis’ GDC 2016 talk “Rocket League: The Road from Cult Classic to Surprise Success” and Noclip’s documentary.

  Esports News RLCS Season 4 Europe: Week 1

In Europe, Method swept the World Champions EnVyUs and defeated Aeriality (3-1) to start the season 2-0 and atop the table. Frontline kept their strong form going into RLCS, taking out Gale Force Esports and Mock-It Esports both in close 3-2 series. Aeriality sits at the bottom of the table after losses to Method and Gale Force.

For a more in-depth review, check out The Half Flip’s recap.

For a look at the European standings and results, check the Reddit thread.

RLCS Season 4 North America: Week 1

This week in North America, NRG jumped to the top of the league table after cleaning house with a 2-0 weekend. In our first chance to see them since Brisk, Rogue swept Emotion 3-0 and took a loss to Cloud9 1-3, a scoreline that isn’t necessarily representative of how close the games were. Similar to SetToDestroyX last season, Emotion surprised everyone by qualifying for RLCS. After playing last seasons #1 and #2 teams this weekend, Emotion sits at the bottom of the table at 0-2. Hopefully they can dig themselves out of the hole next week when they play Ghost and Renegades.

For a more in-depth review, check out The Half Flip’s recap.

For a look at the North American standings and results, check the Reddit thread.

RLRS: Week 1

As expected, both The Juicy Kids and The Leftovers started their RLRS season strong, finishing the weekend with 2-0 records. They sit atop the European standings at #1 and #2 respectively.

In North America, Fibeon began their campaign with a convincing 2-0 weekend, defeating Kinematics (3-1) and Out of Style (3-1), two teams they have struggled against recently. Both SetToDestroyX and Ambition Esports had byes this weekend, so we’ll have to wait to see how they stack up against their RLRS competition.

For a more in-depth review, check out The Half Flip’s recap.

For a look at the European and North American standings and results, check the Reddit thread.

Collegiate Rocket League

Collegiate Rocket League by TESPA begins September 16th! Register by September 15th to have an opportunity at scholarship prizes.

For more information, visit TESPA’s website.

Roster News

Right before RLRS began on Friday, Naventic announced that they had signed Cypher (Kerupt / King Wizard / Dooble).

Previously Wildcard, Laz, Nomad, Astroh, and Pepper are now Kinematics.

  Around the Community Fantasy Rocket League

Last Tuesday, Rocket League Garage released their Fantasy League for RLCS Season 4. New this season is the addition of the Oceanic region and a up in roster size to 7 players, allowing substitutes to factor in on a weekly basis.

After this weekend’s matches, if you selected Mognus, you selected wisely. In order, the top 5 scorers of the week were: Mognus (571), paschy90 (516), JKnaps (503), Chausette45 (498), and Fairy Peak! (473).

MLD Season 5 League Play

As league Play for Season 5 concluded this past week, 5 teams from each conference advanced to the playoffs. The Wildcard Round will be streamed throughout this week, so make sure to tune into the MLDoubles Twitch.

View the Season 5 standings here!

RLCS Timeline

Slokh, resident stat guru and data collector, released a RLCS timeline tool this weekend. You can use it to see the movement of players and teams over the first three seasons of RLCS.

  Recent Articles

For enlightening coverage of Rocket League, make sure to check out articles by Andrew Hayward. In his most recent articles, he discusses the effect of The Leftovers missing qualification for RLCS and teams you should look out for in RLCS.  

For coverage on players in the professional scene, check out Dazerin’s spotlight interviews. This week he interviewed PreM.



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