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Shalthis Says: Why Branding is So Important

1 year ago by Shalthis in Esports

Building your brand is important for success in Esports and Rocket League in general if you’re trying to grow as a personality, but why? It has become a bit of a joke in the community, but successfully building your brand is key.

Who you are and what you do is your brand. How you interact with your fans on a stream or on Social Media is also part of your brand. It’s important to have a brand that is appealing not just to potential fans but also sponsors and partners.

Take a look at Greg “IdrA” Fields, a former StarCraft II professional player for Evil Geniuses. EG released IdrA in 2013 but re-signed with the team the following year for Heroes of the Storm. IdrA became popular – and was originally released by EG – due to his attitude toward other players, primarily. IdrA’s negative attitude mixed with innate skill earned him a lot of fans and the attention of EG and Tt ESPORTS but mainly his fan base. Would IdrA have been as popular without his skill at the game? Perhaps not unless it was a bigger part of his personality (see Steven “Destiny” Bonnell who – while talented – was never as good as IdrA).

Destiny was released from 2 different orgs but earned his fame through his stream and ‘better-than-the-average-person’ level of skill. IdrA was able to successfully parlay his skill and personality into a casting career, albeit briefly. The point is that both StarCraft II pros gained their popularity through growing their brands. While their personality was also notorious and got them released from a few orgs, they’ve shown that an org isn’t required for them to be successful. Being moderately talented and interacting with your fans is all it takes to build your brand.

The first step is to establish your brand. Have a handle and logo worth sharing and then figure out what you’re gonna do. As a pro player, you’ll probably stream and interact with your fans there and on Social Media. If you're a pro caster or analyst, finding a way to do viewer casts or viewer analysis can help a ton. All are ways – including using YouTube – to build your brand strongly. Have any questions about building your brand? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @Shalthis.


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