Rocket League Central Pro League

4 years ago by QuestFerret in Esports

Here's a brief overview of the upcoming Rocket League Central Pro League, also known as RPL.

There are two divisions of the RPL, seperated by region. Seven teams will participate in each division, as listed below


FlipSid3 Tactics SK Gaming Crown & Jewels myXMG Supersonic Avengers Spectral Noble eSports


iBUYPOWER Cosmic Kings of Urban Failure To Launch NOT Orange Creamsicle SnK Apollo Nexus

Each team will play one five game set against each other over the course of seven weeks. Due to the odd number of teams, a team in both divisions will be granted a bye in each match week. The results and statistics from each game will be tracked, and the teams will be ranked based on their cumulative wins and losses.

At the end of the seven weeks, the top four teams in each division will have qualified for the final playoff event, with seeding based on the outcome of an 'all-star weekend,' in which the top players from both regions will face off to win preferential placement. The playoffs will decide the ultimate champion and which teams will get a slice of the $1500 prize pool. This will grow based on donations as the tournament progresses.

For more detailed information and week-by-week fixtures, check out the Reddit thread. All of the information will be up on the site as soon as the Pro League is underway, and you'll be able to view statistics by player or team, the standings, fixtures and more.


4 years ago
I mean if you have 6 years of playing time you would expect someone to be good at playing the game.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Kronovi is the best
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