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RLG Photoshop Design Contest 2020

1 year ago by Metazolid in Site News


Welcome back to our next design contest! Many have asked for it and here it finally is:
The RLG Photoshop Design Contest 2020. No post-processing rules this time, so let your editing skills loose!
Use items that can be obtained ingame and present your design in unique and creative ways with either
ingame filters and/or post-processing programs of your choice. Gimp, Photoshop, MS Paint, the sky is the limit.
You may even create your own illustration, as long as it represents a Rocket League car with actual items.
We're going to focus on car design, composition of the shot, and quality of the post processing.
We wish everybody good luck and to have fun participating!


The contest is not limited to PC - every platform can participate.


How to enter

To enter the contest, visit the event page: https://rocket-league.com/event/about.

You can directly sumbit your creations here: https://rocket-league.com/event/add.



1st place will receive 3000 Credits.

2nd place will receive 2000 Credits.

3rd place will receive 1000 Credits.

Join the discussion on our Discord in #car_designs.


3 months ago
oompa loompa
1 year ago
Best of luck to all
1 year ago
good luck! :D
1 year ago
good luck guys (:
1 year ago
I'll see what I can do. ;)

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