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RLCS World Championship - Flipsid3 Tactics vs The Leftovers

12 months ago by TheTrueTerry in Esports

The OCE Slayers Versus the World Champions. Flipsid3 in their prime now dropped to the lower bracket, and if Leftovers are their early victims in the Lower Bracket run, they can gather momentum to really start a push to the Grand Finals.

The lineups

F3: Markydooda

F3: Kuxir97

F3: gReazymeister




Game 1

The 2 Clutch teams here at LAN, face off to move on in RLCS. If not then they face Elimination. Snaski starts right away with a backboard pass but no one can follow up with it. Sikii takes a clear from the wall to get rid of the ball but gReazy is there to boom it back into the Leftovers half. He attemps to play it back to Kuxir but he is too far forward to do anything with it. Snaski plays it onto the backboard again but no one can follow up with it again, too timid and wants to prioritise Defense first. Marky onto the top but Kuxir is beaten to it by Snaski. All 3 players can come together to pinch the ball away in a really risky situation. Flipsid3 now finding their feet and can start to build some pressure. Ferra in an attempt to clear is intercepted by Marky who can only play it to the corner. Ferra plays it up field to Sikii who gets a flick to the near post which catches Kuxir off guard, and Leftovers take a 1-0 advantage. Marky with a long clear and Snaski gets a touch which rolls into his own goal, Oops! A pinch from Ferra and Marky finds itself in the Flipsid3 corner, and it dies for Overtime. gReazy plays it to Marky but Ferra can intervene to get a touch and clear away. Kuxir with a big clear away but Snaski can take possession on the wall. He plays it close to the F3 net but a quick counter from F3 and Kux can read a Ferra touch off the backboard to win the game.

Game 2

An early start from F3 as a 50/50 drops on the Leftovers goal line and Marky can send it home to open the scoring. Kux to gReazy who can twist his car to get the tight cut and place the ball to the bottom left corner. Flipsid3 Momentum is ramping up here now. Snaski blocks a clear and gets a double touch down and in to get one back for his team. A bit off back and forth and the game remains in the favor of Flipsid3 they look to make Leftovers go down to match point in the lower bracket but a touch from Sikii from the side and the ball rolls in to tie the game up. A late siege from Leftovers is defended and we have Overtime. Marky trying to loft the ball over the defense but gets a stone hard block to keep the game flowing. An overcommit from Kux and Marky which is take advantage of as Ferra gets a backboard shot into the goal, Game 2 goes to Leftovers.

Game 3

Unfortunatley due to the recent Leftovers win we can't get a reverse sweep, but we do get an early goal from Sikii who can flick the ball in over the defense and open the scoring in favor of the EU #3 Seed. A block from Ferra on a predicted clearance and Leftovers have a 2 goal cushion. Kux to gReazy but it's blocked away from the Leftovers half by a big block from Snaski, like we saw in his JAM Gaming series. gReazy's pass drops to Marky who can get a big clear. Ferra can almost dangle the defense as Kuxir was demoed in the back but gReazy can just get contact to block the shot. Kux off the wall but it falls to Ferra who can get a big clear over to the F3 half. Momentum has shifted with 2 minutes to go. gReazy with a whiff allows a Sikii clear away which builds some pressure and a pass from Ferra reaches Snaski who can shoot the ball into the back of the goal. 3-0 Leftovers. Snaski plays it high, he tries to follow up with low boost but he can only bounce shot it over the crossbar. gReazy to the middle but Snaski jolts off the goal line to clear the ball away, and with 30 seconds to go, Sikii extends the lead to 4. Kuxir's shot blocked by Ferra and with that, Leftovers get match point against F3 in the lower bracket!

Game 4

2 wins in a row or their out and a Markydooda own goal hands the lead to the Leftovers. Kuxir to the corner where Marky was coming in, and moments later Sikii comes in from the backboard to save the ball away and maintain the lead. Kux with a floating shot to the middle but it's easily cleared away from the goal. A wall shot from Ferra to the bottom right, its saved by Marky however. Ferra then dispossesses Marky and Sikii carries the ball over Marky and can launch it into the goal. Kux gets a flick over the onrushing attacker and a long shot from Ferra can only just get stopped by gReazy. Ferra off the backboard to Sikii who's shot is saved by Marky. Ferra pushed through and can get up and beat gReazy to the ball, 3-0 Leftovers. Are they knocking F3 out? Marky hopes not as he gets a pass from gReazy and can flick it to the far side of the goal. Kux to gReazy who plays it down, it almost connects with Marky but not quite. Less than a minute to go and 2 goals needed. Ferra long pass to Sikii, and a follow up from Snaski and he scores, 3 needed in 30 seconds. 1 goal every 10 seconds neede. gReazy plays it up but Ferra plays it away, the countdown begins and The Leftovers Eliminate the World Champions Flipsid3 Tactics!


Flipsid3 Tactics will not run through the Lower Bracket this LAN, as Snaski and co, knock out the reining World Champions to finish at least in the top 4.

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unfortunately I will be stopping my RLCS S3 Writeups here due to a unstable internet connection. I am sorry for not being able to continue but it's been a great learning curve for me this season, starting all the way back with Radiance vs Atelier and ending here with F3 vs Leftovers. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the LAN. You can follow me on twitter if you want (link above) but of course you don't have to. Enjoy the rest of LAN and I am looking forward to a great Season 4!
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