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RLCS: The Hot Seat (But it's More Like a Bench)

1 year ago by CloudFuel in Rocket League News

-Article written by Stev-

The Hot Seat: Who’s In, Who’s Out

Welcome back to The Hot Seat. Last week, we took a look at G2 eSports and their endeavors in securing a spot at the North American Regional Finals. As par with the expectations set by many analysts in the community, G2 eSports lost to NRG (3-2) in a close series and beat VindicatorGG (3-2) in a game that many expected to be a coin flip. Kronovi, Lachinio and OverZer0 got some things right, but they also did some things wrong, mainly being over-committed on offense and getting caught out because of it. In this week’s Hot Seat, we see G2 eSports return to frying pan where they have the lowest chance to escape the fire. However, G2 eSports are not the only ones who need to win games in order to advance to the Regional Playoffs, so we’ll be taking a look at them as well. This week, Revival, VindicatorGG, Deception, G2 eSports, and Take 3 (honorable mention) share a spot on the Hot Seat.

The Results

Revival, currently in fifth place (record of 2-3) of the North American League Play standings, were given the short end of the stick during Sunday’s match against NRG. They were ahead in the series (2-1) and had a strong lead into the second half of game four. However, at the beginning of the game, Sid disconnected and Revival were forced to sub in Prem. A little after halftime, two members of NRG began experiencing connection issues and could not compete. Upon having heard of this, RLCS Staff made the decision to enact a rule that basically states, “At any time, the event staff have the ability to reset a game due to extreme circumstances.” Classifying the fact that half of the game’s competitors had disconnected during the game, staff pulled the plug and reset the game. The real kicker, however, is that Revival were winning game four by a score of three to one (at the time of the disconnects). NRG were given a second life and ended up beating Revival in the series (3-2) in what probably stands as the most controversial decision made in RLCS history. The loss put Revival at a standing League Play record of two wins, three losses (2-3). Due to this, Revival will have to work a little bit harder to lock in their spot at the Regional Playoffs.

VindicatorGG has been a bubble team for the majority of League Play. Currently sitting in sixth place (record of 2-3), they hold the final spot for the Regional Playoffs. However, this does not guarantee them a spot. Last week they played Exodus (now Orbit) and cleanly swept them. After that they faced a struggling G2 team, but lost after a five game series that compared to a back-and-forth boxing match. In the sixth spot, Torment, Darkfire and Matt will need to win against their opponents and hope for a record of four wins and three losses (3-4) to close out League Play.

Deception has been on the other side of the bubble when compared to VindicatorGG. They sit in seventh place with a record of one win and four losses (1-4). In their only match of week 3 of League Play, Deception faced off against a defeated Take 3, who had just been swept by Genesis. While they were currently at a record of (1-3), Deception needed a win in order to better their odds. However, Take 3 had different plans. Coming off of three straight series where they were swept, Take 3 brought out their own broom. Sweeping the series, Take 3 defeated Deception and dropped them to their current record of one win and four losses (1-4).

G2 eSports were featured on the inaugural printing of The Hot Seat, but they still bottomed out at a record of one win and four losses (1-4) in North American League Play. Kronovi, Lachinio and OverZer0 played in two series on Saturday, first losing a close (but expected) match to NRG. The second match they played in also went to game five, but ended in G2’s favor. At the end of the day, G2 eSports posted expected results, but not the ones that they wanted. In order for G2 to qualify, they will need to post a final record of (3-4) as well as have some help from other teams.

How They Get In

Revival, currently (2-3) sitting in fifth place, and VindicatorGG (2-3), currently sitting in sixth place, have a little ways to go before being a lock for the Regional Playoffs. Yes, the NRG controversy does dampen their chances, but Revival still controls their own destiny. Likewise, VindicatorGG need not rely on anyone else to place in the Regional Playoffs. In order for Revival to secure a spot, they have to defeat VindicatorGG. Due to Revival and VindicatorGG being tied for 5th place at (2-3), the winner of the series is nearly guaranteed a spot in the Regional Playoffs. In Revival’s case, if they lose to VindicatorGG but win their other match, Take 3 loses, and Deception goes (2-0) this weekend, they are out. For Vindicator, the opposite occurs. If they lose to Revival but win against their second opponent, Take 3 loses, and G2 eSports goes (2-0) this weekend, they will be knocked out of Season Two of the RLCS.

Revival’s Scenarios

Gets In / Knocked Out

Beats VindicatorGG and Orbit (formerly Exodus) | Beats VindicatorGG | Deception Loses 2, G2 Loses 1

Gets In

Loses 2 Games, Deception or G2 Win 3-way Tie | Loses 2 Games, Deception / G2 Win 2 | Loses 2 Games, G2 Lose 2, Deception Lose 1

Knocked Out


VindicatorGG’s Scenarios

Gets In / Knocked Out

Beats Take 3 | Deception Loses 1, G2 Lose 2 | Beat Revival and Deception or G2 Lose

Gets In

Loses 2 Games, G2 Wins 1, Deception Loses 2 | Loses 2, Loses 3-Way Tie if G2 and Deception Win 1

Knocked Out

Deception needs a little bit of help from other teams in order to secure a spot at sixth and head to the Regional Playoffs. First, however, they need to win their own battles. Deception plays G2 eSports and NRG on Saturday, in a situation where everyone is itching for a win. In the match for Deception and G2, the loser goes home.. If Deception beats G2 but loses to NRG, they go home. If Take 3 wins their only matchup of the day and VindicatorGG beats Revival, Deception goes home. In the event that they DO beat G2 eSports and NRG, and Take 3 loses, they rely on the matchup between VindicatorGG and Revival. If VindicatorGG wins, Deception steals the number six spot from Revival.

Deception’s Scenarios

Gets In / Knocked Out

Deception Wins 2 Games, Vindicator Beats Take 3 | Wins 2, VindicatorGG or Revival Lose 2 | 2 Wins, Orbit Beats Revival | 2 Wins and VindicatorGG and Revival Win 1 (with 3-Way Tie help)

Gets In

Loses 2 | Loses 1, G2 Wins 2 | Loses 1, Vindicator and Revival Win 1 | 2 Wins, Lose 3-Way Tie (if VindicatorGG Beats Revival and Revival Beats Orbit)

Knocked Out

Finally, G2 eSports has similar, but flopped requirements in order to grab a spot at the Regional Playoffs. They must win both games and have VindicatorGG lose to Revival, but beat Take 3. That will put G2 eSports at (3-4) with the head-to-head wins against VindicatorGG (now 3-4), Deception (2-5 or 1-6) and Genesis (4-2 or 5-2). If they lose a game, they are out. If Vindicator beats both Revival and Take 3, they are out. The chances that the scenarios that put G2 eSports into the Regional Playoffs happen are extremely slim, but who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

G2’s Scenarios

Gets In / Knocked Out

Wins 2, Vindicator or Revival Lose 2 | Wins 2, VindicatorGG Beats Take 3 | Wins 2, Orbit Beats Revival | Wins 2, Revival and VindicatorGG Win 1, Win 3-Way Tie | Wins 1, Deception and VindicatorGG Lose 2

Gets In

Loses 2 | Loses 1, Deception Wins 2 | Loses 1, VindicatorGG and Revival Win 2 | 2 Wins, but Loses 3-Way Tie (if VindicatorGG Beats Revival, Revival Beats Orbit

Knocked Out

As an honorable mention, Take 3 DO have a chance to be knocked out from the Regional Playoffs, even in the number four position. Here’s what their situation looks like.

Take 3’s Scenarios

Gets In / Knocked Out

Beats VindicatorGG | G2 or Deception Lose 1 | Revival Loses 2

Gets In

G2 or Deception Wins 2, Revival Wins 1, VindicatorGG Beats Take 3

Knocked Out

The likelihood that every scenario plays out against Take 3 is so slim that I didn’t consider it a factor when choosing teams for The Hot Seat.

Writer’s Thoughts

All of these teams are capable of qualifying for the Regional Playoffs, and all of these teams equally deserve the opportunity to fight for it week in and week out. However, only six of the eight teams can go through to the Regional Playoffs. Knowing this, here are my selections for the Regional Playoffs.


Regional Qualifiers

1. Exodus

2. NRG

3. Genesis

4. Take 3

5. Revival

6. G2 eSports

Yes, the decision to choose G2 eSports may be controversial, but I have always wanted to believe that they will pull it together, especially since they are the defending World Champions. Due to the fact that everyone considered for The Hot Seat is in a position where they could go home, I decided to format the article in a way that everyone can better understand the current situation and what needs to happen for their favorite team to make the Regional Playoffs.


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