RLC Pro League Week 2 Recap

4 years ago by CjLink in Esports

Noble vs FlipSid3 Tactics

Noble got their first 2 wins in their first 2 games of the RLCPL against F3 with Mye_Bipod_4_Shor subbing in for Markydooda. Mye_Bipod_4_Shor scored all but 1 of the goals for F3 in the first two games but the synergy just wasn't there. Upon Markydooda's return in game 3 the match turned around with their first win, on Wasteland. This was followed by a dominating F3 performance on Mannfield but a close OT win in game 5. Overall the showing from Noble was solid and F3 looked their usual selves with their full roster.

Spectral vs Crown & Jewels

C&J continue their undefeated campaign through the Pro League with another 5-0 series win. Looking almost unstoppable now C&J looked on point for every game with excellent teamplay, great striking and excellent defending. They have yet to concede more than 2 goals since the first game last week during which they let 3 in. Spectral managed to bring it close in games 1 and 4 but couldn't match the #1 team in the standing. We will have to wait until next week to see if C&J can drop a game.

Supersonic Avengers vs SK Gaming

SA got their first series win and first game in the league in a very close OT win after SK came back with a 0 second goal. Game 2 got physical with many demolitions and bumps stemming from the 2nd goal caused by a goalkeeper knockback. Game 3 saw another close game that went into OT with a clutch, but messy, winner by x3mw. Game 4 and 5 were overwhelmingly in favor of SA with ELMP putting up 7 goals.

Kings of Urban vs Failure to Launch

#2 KoU took all 5 games off of FtL with the only close games being in 2 and 3. Game 2 had a bit of a hiccup with a disconnect from the server which presented us the rare chance of a 1v1 between ThePaSch and Shalthis. After game 3's close loss, FtL seemed considerably demoralized and KoU capitalized on their misplays well. Tough start at 0-10 for FtL but they do still show promise if they can keep their compsure or get some early wins. KoU, of course, played well and will continue to contend for the top spot in the Pro League.

NoT v iBUYPOWER Cosmic

First place iBP manages to hold onto their place in the standings just barely with a clutch overtime goal by Sadjunior in game 5. With a 4-1 win in relatively low scoring and very close games they take a 1 game lead over KoU and push NoT down well into the lower half of the standings. Games were fast and hard hitting in an apparent attempt by one team to throw one of the others of their game, in the end working out for iBP.

Nexus vs Orange Creamsicle

OC's first match in the Pro League came with the sub Dooble taking the place of the MIA Edwind and they took game 1 with a comback from 3-1 down to force overtime and take the win. After being shutout in game 2 nXs took a close win in game 3. The next game was a 0-0 nailbiter into overtime until Dooble put in the clutch aerial shot. Final game showed nXs in absolute full form to close out the series with a win in dominating fashion. Looking forward to a full OC squad and an in form nXs next week.

Another very exciting and skillfilled week of the RLC Pro League and even more hype for next week! Can Crown & Jewels stay undefeated? Will KoU knock iBP off of the top spot? Will Failure to Launch work out their technical difficulties and get off the ground with a game win? Tune in next Sunday at 1PM EST 6PM GMT at www.twitch.tv/rocketleaguecentral to find out.


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