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Esports | NA Power Rankings | Weeks of 7/24 - 8/6

9 months ago by Jasher in Power Rankings


Power Ranking Methodology

These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few weeks. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.


Power Ranking Results Consideration Standards Matches between official teams are considered. Teams are considered official if they have announced their roster status or have reached out to a ranker with their roster. Matches involving an unconfirmed roster or pick-up teams are not considered. Matches involving a team using a confirmed sub are used but weighted to the individual ranker’s discretion. Tournament placement does not factor into rankings, only matches played against other official rosters. Teams without any results during the ranking period will not be considered, regardless of previous placements. Tournament organizers must provide game for game results for any matches from the tournament to be considered. No results from a tournament will be considered if the tournament organizer has a paid sponsorship of a team within the same region.


Power Ranking Committee

Badgey - RLC Ambassador / Wannabe Caster / A Lovely Badger

Jasher - Doer of Things for RLXL and Notorious Wookie Lover

Sub’N - Reputable player and polite contraction.

Slokh - Administrator for RL Esports Wikis and stats lover extraordinaire

Stump - Manager/Administrator for Nexus Gaming and watcher of Professional Wrestling

Strangest Stranger - Manager/Administrator for Pro Rivalry League



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Results: 7/24-8/6



RLCS Season 4 Roster Watch



#1 Cloud9: SquishyMuffinz / Torment / Gimmick / Napp* | ^(Up 1)

OOookay, these guys do NOT lose. They're worst result was a 1-4 series loss in PRL Rival Week against Genesis, however Cloud9 responded with two 4-1 wins over them. Besides that - there is a VERY convincing win in the CyberPower tournament beating Eanix, Fibeon, and subbed NRG (TWICE). Definitely a contender for number 1 in NA, and very likely to take NRG's spot as the reigning regional champion of RLCS. -Sub’N

#2 NRG: Fireburner / Jacob / GarrettG / DudeWithTheNose* | ^(Down 1)

After months of reign, NRG have been bumped from their perennial #1 spot by a surging Cloud9 team. With DudeWithTheNose in for Jacob in CyberPower, NRG defeated Myth, now eQuinox, (3-0) and Hollywood Hammers (3-0) before taking two losses (2-3) (1-3) to our new #1, C9. In the Brisk Summer Series, NRG again subbed in DudeWithTheNose, this time for Fireburner, as he was playing in the Universal Open. The 2nd time around featured more predictable results for NRG, as they defeated SetToDestroyX (2-0), eQuinox (4-3), and G2 (4-1) and took the summer’s 2nd North American Brisk. As the beginning for RLCS Season 3 looms, we’ll be waiting to to see if NRG can claim their North American mantle again. -Jasher

#3 G2 Esports: Kronovi / Rizzo / JKnaps / Turtle* | ^--

G2 once again find themselves in the third position and have been unable to dislodge themselves from this predicament they now find themselves in. At DreamHack, they went out in the Semifinals in an excellent 6-game series against Cloud9, but G2 need to beat them and NRG consistently if they want to move up. In PRL’s Rival Week, they lost the first set to NRG 4-2 before Rizzo’s power cut out, forcing them to make an emergency sub of Lachinio, who played admirably. G2 still lost 4-3, however, meaning NRG won the day 2-0. In Brisk, they made easy work of a struggling Genesis squad, winning in a clean sweep (3-0) in the Quarterfinals. In the semifinals, they ran into a new-look Hollywood Hammers, who took G2 to 7 games before ultimately failing to eliminate the JKnaps-led squad. In the Grand Finals, NRG would get revenge on G2 for their humbling defeat back in the first Brisk Summer Series event by winning the series 4-1, and they did it with DudeWithTheNose subbed in for Fireburner. G2 have been consistently beating teams they should, but they’ve been unable to get a victory over Cloud9 or NRG in recent history. For now, G2 remain 3rd. -Stump

#4 Hollywood Hammers: Vince / Satthew / DarkFire / Espeon* | ^(Up 3)

Over the past two weeks, Hollywood Hammers strived to find the best roster available for RLCS, which led to the departures of both Chrome and Zanejackey from the team. In their place, they brought in Satthew and DarkFire to play alongside Vince in the starting lineup, with Espeon remaining as sub. Starting off in Rival Week, Hollywood Hammers lost the first bo7 to Rogue 4-2 before coming back and taking home the majority of the prize with two 4-1s to win the day 2-1. In the Cyberpower $5,000 Invitational, they were knocked down to the lower bracket by Fibeon Esports 3-1. In the lower bracket, they went on a tear, 3-0’ing Eanix, beating Myth Gaming (who were playing with Lachinio, CorruptedG, and Chrome) in 5 games, and finally enacting revenge on Fibeon, beating them 3-1. Their run was ended by a Jacob-less NRG (DudeWithTheNose was subbed in) in a convincing 3-0 sweep. However, they then continued on, entering the 8/5 edition of Nexus with Espeon instead of DarkFire, but underperformed and were knocked out in the Quarterfinals by Vanguard (Firstkiller, Atomic, Astroh), the eventual tournament winner, in 5 games. Shrugging off their loss in Nexus, they moved on to Brisk, where they beat Rogue 3-1 again in the Quarterfinals. In the Semifinals, they faced off against G2, leading to an incredible 7-game series that G2 won 4-3, squeaking past Hollywood Hammers. The Hammers should be able to cruise their way into the Play-In, and at this rate they should be able to make RLCS League Play somewhat comfortably. The next few weeks are crucial for this new-look Hammers squad. -Stump

#5 eQuinox: CorruptedG / Sadjunior / Chrome / Pepiope* | ^(Up 5)

After Myth Gaming’s lackluster performance in Dreamhack Atlanta and Beyond (Astronauts), CorruptedG and Sadjunior have decided to add Chrome to their roster and reclaim their pre-Denial name, eQuinox. In CyberPower, they defeated Rogue handily (3-1), then were put into the lowers by an NRG sweep (0-3), and departed elimination station via a close loss to Hollywood Hammers (2-3). In the 3rd and final Brisk Summer Series event of 2017, eQuinox knocked out Fibeon, a squad that’s been putting up admirable results recently, in a close series (3-2). However, they, again, suffered a hard-fought loss to NRG (3-4). Since their changes, eQuinox’s fortunes have stayed relatively the same, they are still struggling to finish off the sets they need to in order to move up in North America. Does that mean they are about to break through or have they hit their plateau? -Jasher

#6 Genesis: Lethamyr / Klassux / Zanejackey | ^(Up 4)

The Genesis roster, like many others, had some last second changes in preparation for the RLCS Season 4. With Jwismont leaving for Incognito, Zanejackey (previously on Take 3) will fill in- joining Lethamyr and Klassux. On paper, all these players have ample experience in the RLCS, but it remains unknown if this team will get in sync. Getting 0-3’d by G2 during the third Brisk Summer Series isn’t exactly a great start, but Lethamyr and Klassux (with Jwismont) held their own against C9 in the recent Rival Week showmatch. Genesis should make it to the RLCS comfortably, but they’ll be truly tested in what is shaping up to be a grueling Season 4. -Strangest

#7: Fibeon Chicago / Hato / zolhay / Raze* | ^(Up 2)

Fibeon hasn't had much to say in the past 2 weeks. They beat Hype (3-1) in the CyberPower PC event followed by a loss to C9 (0-3) and traded sets with Hammers (3-1, 1-3). Other than that showing, they were also in the pool for Brisk where they played the now official eQuinox roster and lost 2-3. This week will leave them sore going into RLCS, but I'm more than confident in this squad to not only make playin, but secure an RLCS League Play position when the time comes. -Badgey

#8 SetToDestroyX: Lemonpuppy / Memory / Halcyon / Loomin* | ^(Down 1)

SET has had a very quiet 2 weeks. The only event they participated in was Brisk where they faced the wrath of an angry Nose God and lost to the NRG squad 0-3; however, with their recnet dreamhack performance, some are wondering if SET has another chance at league play. They're, however, still 0-2 against the mighty 3 that sit atop the list this week, so even if they make playin, they could potentially have to face one of those dominating rosters should they come into it from the wrong side of the bracket. -Badgey

#9 Ambition Esports: PrimeThunder / Wonder / Air / Squills* | ^(Down 4)

The rosters are locked, and now the question arrises, "Do we have the players we need?" Many in the community have mixed opinions on Ambition not going with the player they had success with in Dreamhack Atlanta, Pepiope. Instead they have opted to go with Air as the 3rd man, joining PrimeThunder and Wonder to fill a roster expected to make RLRS and possibly even RLCS. There isn't much information to go off so far, but it's exciting to see if the team's chance at finding a new player will pay off. Ambition has also aquired Squillis as a sub, a veteran to the competitive scene - perhaps he might provide input on where they take the team's play. -Sub’N

#10 Rogue: Sizz / Matt / Insolences / Red | ^(Down 4)

Coming off the high of RLCS LAN, it has been a slow and long descent for Rogue. Though staying competitive with many of the best teams in North America, they couldn’t eke out the wins when it counted most. That pressure in combination with the usual panic brought upon by RLCS deadlines led to the fracturing of the Rogue roster. In the 11th hour, Turtle announced his departure from the Rogue squad to take the substitute position in G2. Insolences, a controversial character in the competitive scene, will be taking in that coveted 3rd spot for a team that has already qualified for RLCS. The question remains, will Rogue’s roster shuffle revitalize this team or will they continue their downfall towards RLRS or further. -Strangest


On the Bubble Teams

11 - Lights Out!: Kevpert / Aeon / Stev / Toe* 12 - Ascension: Bell / Dareyck / Jet / Skaxy* 13 - HYPE Gaming: Bork / Heathcliff / SavvySeal / King Ranny* T14 - Incognito: Tuster / gorocksgo / JWismont T14 - Amethyst: RVP / Mysterydude / RLRAWGREG / Dzooatlatl* 16 - The D00ds: AxB / Ralph / Etek / Plasma*


Honorable Mentions

These are teams that were ranked by any number of rankers but did not fall within the top 16.

Eanix: Sham / smgschwind / Pyre / Brizzy Emotion: TyNotTyler / Allushin / Sea-Bass Vertical Sweep: MD22 / The_Marshal / RunningCatDog / Spoodah


Teams To Watch

Jasher - Incognito Strangest - Incognito Stump - Lights Out! Sub’N - The D00ds 


Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!

TEAMJASHERSTRANGESTSUB'NSTUMPAVGRANK Cloud9 1 1 1 1 1.00 1 NRG 2 2 2 2 2.00 2 G2 Esports 3 3 3 3 3.00 3 Hollywood Hammers 4 4 4 4 4.00 4 eQuinox 5 5 6 5 5.25 5 Genesis 6 6 5 9 6.50 6 Fibeon 7 9 7 6 7.25 7 SetToDestroyX 8 8 9 8 8.25 8 Ambition eSports 9 10 8 7 8.50 9 Rogue 10 7 13 10 10.00 10



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