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LJourney ZIDR0X & Rivalo Nero form team

ZIDR0X (previously with Unrivaed, New Archon & SEO Moves), Rivalo Nero (previously with Cytons)  & Ljourney (formerly with PENTA Sports as sub) have teamed up.

Team Iris wins PRL 3v3

Team Iris (SqusihyMuffinz, Lachinio & Torment) played in a fast-pace series against Precision Z (Kaydop, Sikii & Bluey) ultimately winning 3-1 in the Pro Rivalry League 3v3 Rivals Cup #12 Grand Finals (VOD) | Bracket

Genesis Disbands

Pluto, Espeon & Klassux have decided to part ways becoming free agents as Genesis disbands. The roster in the current form had been playing together in an official capacity since August 30th. See the team’s storied history on their Esportswiiki page.

Stiff Wizard Retires

Stiff Wizard, formerly a player for NA teams Sad Cats & Hopeless has announced his retirement from competitive.

RLXL presents The Winter Classic

RLXL is back with a charity 3v3 Snow Day Captain’s Draft Invitational on January 21st. Proceeds will benefit medical transport for Rocket League caster Shalthis!

Firewall signed by Team Atlas

Team Atlas has signed EU team, Team Firewall.

ESPN Esports | M1k3Rules RLCS Flashback

As part of a series looking back at highlights from 2016, this shot from M1k3Rules, then player for FlipSid3 Tactics, stands out.

Nexus Gaming 2v2 NA Weekly #7

Spork (Kronovi, Klassux & Torment) overcame Yoghurt (Ikewolf, Ferra & BombA) 4-1 to win the Nexus Gaming 2v2 NA Weekly #7 Grand Finals (VOD) |  Bracket

Kotaku | Best Plays - SadJunior & Jacob

NRG Rocket League players Sadjunior & Jacob are featured in Kotaku’s Best Esports Plays of 2016 list with their play against FlipSid3 Tactics during the RLCS Season 2 Live Finals in Amsterdam.

RLXL Teaser

The RLXL Twitter account sprung to life with 2 cryptic tweets. The most recent one today teases “Winter is Coming” with an octane riding atop a hockey puck. Perhaps we’ll hear more about this soon!

Tuster & Gorocksgo win Ghobo 2v2

Incognito (Tuster56 & Gorocksgo) swept The Panckake Crew (Dankdank & GoPastTheLimit) 3-0 to win the Ghostboosters 2v2 BattleCar Qualifier #6 Grand Finals (VOD) | Bracket

Ikewolf, BombA & Breker win Rewind EU

Yoghurt took down ERZGamers (RNZ, Duck & Estrupalega) 3-0 to win the Rewind Showdown EU 3v3 Grand Finals (VOD) | Bracket

PENTA Sports wins Gfinity 3v3 EU Cup

PENTA Sports (Killerno7, uhFreaKii, Pwndx) swept Leaf eSports EU (GMSexay, Mewyy & Supraa) 4-0 in the Grand Finals (VOD)

Twelve Titans - Caster Auditions

Think you have what it takes to cast one of the most anticipated 1v1 tournaments in RL history? Send an email to The League of Rockets and maybe you’ll get the opportunity to be a part of it.



FlipSid3 RLCS Documentary Trailer

After giving a teaser earlier FlipSid3 Tactics has released a trailer for their upcoming RL team documentary!